March New Moon

March New Moon

March New Moon

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Wednesday, March 6th, the moon is new in the sign of Pisces. This New Moon takes place while Mercury has just begun its 23 day long retrograde in the sign of Pisces. Do not let that stop you from making decisions that have been a long time coming. Luckily, we all get to exercise our free will in life. We get to decide what we think, and we get to decide how we are behaving, regardless of what is happening up in the sky, or how other people are reacting around us.

Some themes of this New Moon time are emotional and cosmic expansion, creativity, and communicating your emotional needs with yourself and others. This is an opportune New Moon for sinking down into your subconscious and working on bolstering your intuition and psychic abilities.

Where can you meet yourself in the darkness?
What are some different, generative ways you can connect to your inner knowing and how you communicate that knowing to yourself?

The darkness is a place to wonder, wander, and renew. It is a place to sink into yourself and your vast interior. The New Moon does not show itself in the sky, and because of this, we can interpret it as a blank slate. A blank slate to work with and feel into. A blank page to write down anything we wish.

Another theme of this New Moon, in alignment with the season, is thaw. The earth has thawed for us in the Northern Hemisphere, and it might be time to think about what is thawing in you, what is ready to soften into expansion.

—Excerpt from the sold out 2019 Many Moons Lunar Planner