March Waxing Moon

March Waxing Moon

Excerpt from the Many Moons Workbook, available here.

Today, on a Sunday, the Moon slips into First Quarter Mode. Sunday !surprise! is ruled by the Sun, that lovely archetype of resplendent consciousness. The Sun is the archetype of the constant, essential self, apart from other imprints of experience and influences. It is consciousness that consists of life itself, it is a creator infinite, unwavering. Until it sets, of course, drawing back the curtains for the Moon and the inky night sky of constellations to take the stage.

In the traditional Tarot, the Sun reflects a new karmic stage of connection to true self, a rebirthing of innocence, and the pure potentiality that a new nakedness brings. The Sun card is the archetype of the conscious, of fun and play, movement and activity, of invoking the yearning through action. What is it time for you invoke through action, darling reader?

The sunstruck person sees all the natural world enveloped with divinity, shot through with innocence and wonder. Only by experiencing life tangibly do we become reacquainted with our place in it. From a magickal perspective, Sunday rules joy, promotions, ambition, retrieving lost youth, among other recoveries of spirit (such as trauma, energy being drained, etc.), ventures of all kinds, vibrancy of health, wealth, creativity, stardom, fame and recognition, power, success, clarity, community ventures, and integration of Higher Self.

You could do a spell to unite your words with your actions, or one to boost the network and reach of any current intellectual pursuits. You could cast a spell to integrate your body, mind, and spirit to achieve career goals and ambitions. These are just suggestions to get your mind going.

Now that we are at the midway point between the New Moon and the Full Moon, it's time to take the intentions you made a week ago at the New Moon out of the cosmic closet and into the light. Have any messages surfaced?

Does anything need reworking? Reframing? Revising and revisiting?

Take some time, even if on the bus, in the car, or at your yoga class, to examine what you have been actually doing about those New Moon intentions high on the list of personal desires. Reread notes. If you wrote them down on your altar, give them a look. Might a freshening up of ritual space, to reflect action items, be a worthy use of this evening?

From an astrological perspective, we still have the creative, wide ranging vision of Pisces ruling the Sun, as well as reverberations of solar New Moon eclipse energy subsiding. Has anything become clearer? Have you been able to cast the net of abilities and ingenuities wider in the velvety indigo dreamscape of inner eyelids?

What marks change anyway? Doing things differently, behaving in a new fashion, speaking about what's happening in your life in a way that reflects improvement. Our daily life begins to reflect our dreaming life. Purpose and connectivity infuse the hourglass. Clear vision leads to the soaring hawk. Persistence and patience with our process are the bricks of results. Helpful people come into our lives, excited to connect with our gifts and unique perspectives. What would change look like for you?

As the Moon slips into Waxing, you might want to examine the messages you tell yourself every day with your thoughts, actions, and activities. What we focus on grows; it has no choice but to build. Once sentence becomes a paragraph, separate pages become a book...

And lastly, my precious pea pods, give yourself kindness through all this growth. We have to move through—there's no other way. Sometimes evolution feels just as scary as the discontented known. Let the smile of the Sun poking through the dawn of this warmer month help guide your spirit through your unclaimed vistas.

—From Many Moons. Buy the workbook here.

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