May 2020 New Moon

May 2020 New Moon

On Friday we greet our only New Moon of May. All around us in the Northern Hemisphere, nature is singing—inviting us to find our own ways to bloom. We are seeing the fruits of our past labors arise before us in the warm spring sunshine. If there’s a desire bubbling up from your heart, let it escape out past your lips. Kiss the air with your dreams every chance you get.

This Moon is new in the sign of Gemini. This energy is expressive, flirty, creative, and dynamic. It can also be scattered, anxious, careless, and afraid to go beyond skimming the surface. We are asked to assess our relationship between our feelings and our thoughts, our thoughts and our speech. These determine some of the circumstances of our lives. Intentionally aligning these is priceless—helping us heal and helping us bloom.

One of the most regenerative sources for self is found in other people. Our relationships to one another give us information—how we need love and affection, attention, and acceptance. Meaningful relationships require our consistent tending; intimacy and vulnerability is required. Even if it doesn’t always get seen, we still take deep breaths and take steps towards a more conscious, more caring, more humble existence. Our relationships also show us where we need to grow and what needs healing. What annoys us about others shows us what behaviors we overlook in ourselves that need greater awareness. What attracts us about certain people—their bravery, their joy, their talent—shows us what we must cultivate within.

If someone’s behavior pushes your buttons, that can be a mirror. Ultimately, the way someone treats you isn’t about you. It is about them. When someone triggers hot or defensive feelings in you, use it as a growth exercise. Scarcity, control, fear, delusion, entitlement, and self-hatred are some reasons why folks do not act in loving ways. Check yourself; look in your mirror. Do you ever behave in the same ways you are being treated? See if there is any compassion you can have for this person in the process. Be real about putting up boundaries, or disengaging with them entirely.

Of course, our greatest relationship is with ourselves. 
We may not be able to control others but we can control ourselves. Staying strong in our self while others try to sway us or attempt to challenge our truths—remaining loving to ourselves and others through life’s twists and turns—is a precious gift. Once you realize that others rarely have the kind of control over you that you think they do, significant space and freedom opens up. We must focus on ourselves before we reach out to others with our reactions and our projections.

If we can’t generate our own thoughts, can’t control our mindset, then we are easily led astray by the words and mindsets of others. All of this drains our energy and clouds our mirror. The Minor Arcana cards that correlate with Gemini are the 8, 9, and 10 of Swords. We can see what happens when we don’t take control of our thoughts in these cards. Our thoughts become shattered mirrors—when we can’t see ourselves, then we can’t effectively change ourselves. If we don’t know what we need, then we can’t communicate those needs to others. Our unmet needs become looming shadows and our unexpressed creativity becomes jealousy.

Our thoughts become our belief systems and mindsets. These in turn affect our behavior, and our behavior paves the way for how our days and weeks end up playing out. It affects who sees us and how we are seen. This all starts within. Our magic is a mirror for our lives. The Magician, the Major Arcana card that correlates with Mercury and Gemini, is a reminder of the power we have when we stay in alignment.

Take time for reflection. What is your mirror right now? Who is your mirror right now? Is your mirror clouded over by assumptions and knee-jerk judgements? Are you as truthful and as loving as you could be in your most prized relationships?

This New Moon is in Gemini, on a Friday—the day of the Goddess and Goddexx. Favored spells include publishing, writing, communication of all types, travel, love, abundance, relationships, partnerships, friendships, creativity, and any expansion in that which you value. If you are beginning a new goal for the next lunar cycle, or next few lunar cycles, interrogate what language you will be using. What thoughts will you use to pave your success? How do you see yourself? How are you mirroring what you want?

—Excerpt from the Many Moons 2020 Lunar Planner