May 2021 New Moon

May 2021 New Moon
Mystery & Devotion: Keeper & Key

The moon turns new in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11th at 12 pm PST. Notice your energy then, and around the days after. This is a powerful month. Most likely you are already feeling this intensity. There is much potential for growth through challenges, tests, and reframes. Proclaim what you deserve. Accept no less. Stay curious. Our interrogation helps the right key slide easily into the golden lock. Themes around internal and external connection, relationships with the material world, and the work of our lives will be highlighted. In this 5th month of 2021, which corresponds to the Hierophant’s number, with the moon in the sign that correlates with the Hierophant (Taurus), we are on the edge of our first eclipse season.

Eclipse season reminds us that patience must be prioritized. True power is the expertise and mastery over ourselves, not anyone else. True love means freedom, not control. All things must pass, which really means: everything always changes. Whether we like it or not.

Get spiritually strategic. Focus this new moon around staying grounded, protected, and prepared. What needs to be shifted will be clarified by the end of this month. Beginning a healthy healing practice now will help slough off whatever unhealthy pattern or resistance may arise around the full moon.

This new moon is a beautiful time to focus on expanding self-worth. It has never been more imperative to fall in love with yourself. You are priceless, no matter what capitalism says. It has never been more imperative to resonate with the energy of abundance as healing. Play with what that looks like and feels like uniquely in your own world, within your own values.

—Excerpt from the 2021 Many Moons Lunar Planner. If you want to read more, purchase a benefit edition by clicking here or click here to purchase the digital May Monthly Guide.