May 2022 Tarotscopes

May 2022 Tarotscopes

Welcome to May, everyone! May is a busy month at the studio: the Better Boundaries Online Course begins on May 18th. Calling all highly sensitives and intuitives: this is for you! Check it out to get more regulation, energy, and clarity.

The studio is honored to host the brilliant Sanyu Estelle for a very special workshop at the end of the month: The Conscious Compass: How to Use Life (or Tarot) as a Tool of Divination. This is live and everyone enrolled will receive a replay. Speaking of replays, you can also download my Lovers and Devil Tarot Constellation Workshop for all the Tarot intel you need for the rest of this year!

May’s energy is sure to be a bit turbulent: we’ll be much in it for the first two weeks of the month, as it is Eclipse season. Fast change is afoot. The reverberations will last all month. Mercury, our favorite planet of communication, the liminal, the experienced traveler, the psychopomp, and messenger, is retrograde for much of the month: an opportunity to revisit older projects, hobbies, and loves. Mercury retrograde helps us heal from old stories, improve communication methods, and tend to our nervous systems. As always, your knowledge of all that transpires in the cosmos will help you to stay the course, navigate through hiccups, and not take curveballs personally. Your awareness of what is yours, and what is not, will help you to glide past the tangles of others’ drama or insecurities. This is an opportune time to attend to the material: that which is your current life curriculum, those larger patterns it is time to shift, those ruts it is time to break out of. Behaviors and everyday routines are in focus now too: How can you add more luster to the everyday scenes of your life? A lot of us ache for more adventure and variety. If that’s you, consciously weave this into actions taken in May.

The theme for May is Get Grounded.

—Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. To read the rest, grab your copy of Many Moons or download the May Guide.

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services.


May 2022 Tarotscopes 


Knight of Wands

In May, don’t get in over your head: not with friends, new dates, too many plans, too many promises, or your fantasies. Watch your impulsivity and knee jerk reactions. Observe, don’t absorb. Keep things light and bright: your season might be over, Aries, but that fire is just starting to heat up! This is definitely the time to play for the sake of playing. Prioritize fun and use the joyful moments as a sort of energetic fuel.

This is prime time to reconfigure the energetic drains that come from dealing with other people. You tend to give away too much too soon, and in part, it’s because you expect too much from others. The annoying truth is that most people’s behaviors aren’t even about you. They are caught in their own patterns and unconscious power plays. It’s also a liberating truth, to understand that much of the time people are walking their own particular path, playing their own games. Don’t blame the player, especially when you play the game too.

There are a plethora of greater lessons for you during this Eclipse-season-Mercury-retrograde-Pluto-retrograde-extravaganza month. The first is to take nothing personally: especially others’ energy. The second is to suspend reactions: you certainly won’t be given all, or even some, of the information you need around certain relationships or progressions. The third is to learn how to flirt with life so that it flirts back in the ways you want. The fourth is to pick a lesson you’ve been ready to metabolize for years and trust that this month will accelerate its teachings, so you’ll never have to repeat it again.

Suggested spell ingredients: orange candles, blood oranges, cups of lemon blossom tea, the color yellow on your eyes and in your heart, grapefruit oil, peach moonstone, and time spent flirting with strangers and romancing your friendships.


6 of Swords

Your season has begun, sweet, strong Taurus—and this month, you are in your element. As of late, certain confusions have turned the corner into more clarity. Things are finally moving a bit and after a long lull, any direction feels better than none.

An issue you’ve had for longer than you’d like to admit is that you crave a big change, but haven’t yet decided on what exactly must be updated. When you know what you want, watch out! It’s only a matter of time before it is achieved. But when you aren’t quite sure, you stall, experience self-doubt, then stagnate. You stay in situations you’ve outgrown, and fall back into old patterns of overwork and delayed gratification. You say yes to any old opportunities that come your way, simply because they are there.

This Eclipse season, break patterns around who you think you need to be and center on who it is you are becoming. Use the recent momentum you’ve acquired and extend it to different choices, new communities, and different forms of expression. You don’t have to know exactly what you want or exactly where you’re going in order to transform and expand.

Let yourself emerge at the speed of pleasure, abundance, self-led challenges, and most importantly: trust. It isn’t just one thing that needs to be changed, it’s your entire life. Bit by bit, day by day, is how you’ll emerge.

Suggested spell ingredients: A fresh journal, optic calcite, the Better Boundaries Online Course, new ways to describe your identity and gifts, and experimental dance sessions.


Queen of Pentacles, Reversed

Your sensitivities are copious and are your superpower. The ideas and inspirations you frequently have fly in from other realms because you are open to them. All the gifts that deep listening, curious collaboration, and imagination give you will only continue to ramp up this month. Expect materializations of certain dreams to pop up—or at least, more confirmation that the next growth spurt you’ve been circling around is more than ready to initiate.

Of course, there’s a catch or two—isn’t that always the case in this wild, wily life? Alongside whatever blooms this month will be a shakeup or two. Loss, curveballs, or perhaps good old-fashioned chaos might cause self-doubt. Themes of worth, work, and refusal to participate in your own extraction will be front and center. Confront these themes as they surface, in order to disrupt the scarcity tendencies you’ve been battling all year.

More than anything, you don’t want to push anymore: you don’t want to force. Structures, schedules, and time commitments are all up for review. Batching and deep work are your friends. Spend time supporting your vessel, which houses those special sensitivities. Your bone-deep intuition will guide you through all the compost and regrowth processes.

Suggested spell ingredients: Nettle tinctures, lavender oil, moss, the Better Boundaries Online Course, and massages.


Knight of Swords

It’s go-time, Moonchild. This month requires courage, clarity, communication, and creative outlets. Yes, it’s Eclipse season, and you experience their intensity in a particularly intimate way. Your life feels like a tight shell: brittle and no longer large enough to contain the next version of you. Instead of staying in that too-small space, use this month’s cosmic surge to bust out of outmoded beliefs and habits by taking action. It starts when you move towards what deserve with determination.

Sometimes, when you focus on where you’d like to go, grief, disappointment, and self-betrayal cloud your vision. Old experiences and betrayals well up like a storm that causes you to freeze. In May, don’t take the bait. The past has passed. Leave it there.

When you put yourself first, it can feel unnatural. An unwavering commitment to reciprocal care and compassion will do that to a crab. Uncomfortable sensations do not equal bad or wrong. How you’ve loyally shown up for others is now how you must show up for yourself. Boundaries are often discussed in reactionary or defensive ways, when really, boundaries work best when they are pro-active. Prioritize everything you’ve wanted to create for the last three years. Make schedules. Write that book proposal and make pitches. Reach out to new allies with confidence and charm. You aren’t going back. You’re flowing into a different, and larger life.

Suggested spell ingredients: New and liberating structures, white candles, at least two affirmations that remind you of what you need, the Better Boundaries Online Course, and a shell-dissolving ceremony.


Ace of Pentacles, Reversed

Eclipse season is here to teach you all about new definitions of success. Recent realizations about resources, in every sense of the word, have you rethinking goals and plans. The themes of sustainability, long-term commitments, labor, time sucks, and how important your physical health and surroundings must all be paid attention to in May until the end of the year. Material items could be breaking down, in need of care, or ready to be recycled, reorganized, or deep cleaned. This will be literal, and metaphoric. Don’t put off doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, or that daily YouTube yoga class.

Whenever an Ace turns up, it represents opportunity. A reversed Ace signals that it’s time to plant the seed of the next chapter deep within, and let it grow tendrils inside the vitality of your glowing heart. Success, right now, must be found internally and externally in equal measure.

Write down everything that defines success for you, now. Bonus points if it’s less about the external, and more about some secret promises to yourself its time to make good on. Write down all the ways you can get there. Schedule activities that will bring these successes closer. Write down all the ways you’ve been successful in the past. This will remind you that it’s only a matter of time before those planted seeds bloom.

Suggested spell ingredients: Purple candles, serpentine, local, native seeds in your garden or sprinkled in your neighborhood, earthing, and at least one weekend spent cleaning, reorganizing, and sprucing up your home.


4 of Wands

You’re on a 4.5 billion-year-old spinning rock in the middle of a galaxy that can only be adequately explained through experience and mythopoetics, and you want to overly identify with 21st-century notions of productivity? You were created for a specific reason which is both weirdly easy and oddly hard, and you’re trying to reconcile paradox? Certain tensions will always exist, without you needing to balance them out. Certain conundrums will always linger, with or without exhausting attempts at reconciliation. You can acknowledge the contrast without attaching to it, or making it your problem to solve.

Energetic balance is key this month: this world is exhausting, which is all the more reason to let go of energetic drains, emotional distractions, and distracting leaks. Try this approach during this Eclipse season: rate actions, relationships, or situations as either neutral, a drain, or a boost. Fill your days up with as much energy boosts, or neutral energies as possible. If there are obligations that you must do but don’t really want to, figure out how to keep your energy as neutral, generative, calm, or playful as possible. Consciously determine how you will feel and think about all those silly little tasks and major brilliant purposes.

Unburden yourself with all non-consensual burdens. Notice the illusions when they arise, and stay in close communion with the really real. A state of wonder is an arm’s length away, so long as you remember to frequently look up.

Suggested spell ingredients: Black tourmaline, hellebores tincture, the Better Boundaries Online Course, copious amounts of lemon water, and non-linear time.


4 of Swords

What are those unhelpful rules and unreasonable deadlines for your growth that you’ve made up all about? Expectations that are based on nothing that would actually serve you still linger like ghosts. Are they there to create those familiar states of being “behind,” “not good enough,” or whatever other label offers up a solid, yet cruel ground to stand on? Attachments to identities that are familiar but no longer accurate, are ready to be released during this Eclipse season.

In the past, being the underdog served you well. It felt good to be underestimated and come out the victor. There’s a certain satisfaction in being both gorgeous and underestimated. But there are some new rules that must be written now. Your glow-ups don’t have to be fueled by suffering anymore. Your connections don’t have to end in hurt. Everything doesn’t have to be done the hard way, the urgent way. Lessons can be learned through joy, space, softness, and levity.

This month, write your new rules. Maybe you’ll want to add a mission statement or two, to seal the deal. Toss the old rules out the window—they no longer apply. Create boundaries around all you hold precious and wonderful so that you might finally feel safe enough to stay. Call a truce with yourself once and for all.

Suggested spell ingredients: the colors green and blue, a personal statement written in the voice of future you, orange blossom syrup, candlelit baths or showers, and the Better Boundaries Online Course.


The Emperor, Reversed

Being seen is not the same as being known. You know this better than most because you deeply wish to be known. Appreciated not for what you can do for others, not for being “the strong one,” or the reliable one or amiable one, or whatever else has been projected onto you or expected of you. In order to be known, vulnerability is required. If you sit for an honest-moment with these yearnings, you’ll accept that you haven’t been completely open about which parts of you others have access to.

There’s another truth that will surface this Eclipse season. Your outsides no longer match your insides. Interests and callings have changed, while your exterior world stays a remnant of the past. What you want to be known for is now different. You can’t keep up the charade much longer. This time around, the creation process will occur simultaneously with loss. 

Scorpios are famously familiar with death. It’s not that you love it, but you accept it more than most, are comfortable with it on a fundamental level. You understand that death precedes life, loss precedes regeneration. A type of identity death is on deck for you. Obliterate rules and absolutes about who you are and what you are capable of. As the Moon shadows the sun—and the sun’s own shadow splays across the Moon—summon humility, confidence, delight, vulnerability, and honesty.

Suggested spell ingredients: Hard and soft heart-to-hearts, ocean jasper, shadow work, selenite, and glamour magic.


10 of Cups, Reversed

If joy has been out of reach for ages, it feels futile to convince someone that they can muster it in the minute. When we outsource our happiness to others, it can feel condescending to hear any suggestions around finding joy within. None of these situations may pertain exactly to you, splendid archer, but the sentiment does. In some area of your life, you’ve decided that something sweet isn’t available to you. Until you recognize that resistance for what it is—grief, regret, self-blame—that sweetness will remain out of reach.

When we place more value on certain emotional states, certain kinds of love, or certain relationships, we’re bound to come up feeling short. Is it happiness you want, or approval? Are you honoring your own dreams or the ones that you think will make you look worthy?

Our wisest self blends our intuition and emotions with our logic and rational mind. It comes through honoring our needs while also making room for a practical perspective. Embrace your current problems as opportunities for growth. Speak them out loud, and listen to them with compassion. Don’t try to solve them at first, simply sit with yourself in compassion. By the end of the month, you’ll find the solutions—and joy—that are needed to move on. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Rose water baths, romantic comedies, chocolate hearts, rose quartz palm stones, mimosa tincture, and turned off notifications.


The Star

You aren’t the only one finding it harder to complete your silly little tasks as the world burns. You aren’t the only one who longs for something completely different—both for the collective and in your own life. You are part of the collective, which means there’s an opportunity to speak and share your gifts with others. Hope grows when connections do.

“What is to give light must endure burning,” Viktor Frankl wrote. The arc of your life—particularly how you are seen and who sees you—is in transition. More momentum will build with each offering that gets thrown into the fire. Ultimately, this process is about finding or reconnecting to your genius. You must take care and go bit by bit.

This part of the process is about unburdening. There’s far too much pressure, weight, and obligation holding you down. Some of it is real, but there’s also a great deal that you’ve made up. Get strategic and delegate this month. You can’t be responsible for everything; draw clear boundaries around the roles in all sectors of your life. Competence is different than control. Where is control a defense mechanism? If you’ve been giving from an empty cup, replenish. 
If you’ve been “the strong one,” but feel resentful, admit it. Ask for help. You might be a star, but you’re also still a human. Being a part of the collective includes trust in something greater than you.

Suggested spell ingredients: labradorite palm stones by your bedside to help you access the bigger picture, giving for the sake of giving (your extra time or money if you can), sonnets and elegies, and oat straw tinctures.

5 of Swords

Limits are everywhere this month, Star Child. This is a year where we have the Devil as our teacher archetype, after all. Where are you at your limits? Limits aren’t always seen as a desired thing, but limits are useful. They let us know when to stop. They influence resources, timelines, and expectations. If there’s been a breaking point, honor it. What are you learning about where to draw the line?

There are some other trespasses going on. Some things have been taken from you; some recent—or ongoing—extractions may sting. Yes, bumps and glitches have come up and that will most likely continue this month. What matters is how you respond to what you can control. What matters is staying in integrity with yourself. How have you been crossing your own boundaries? Where have you been wasting your own time?

Much of this is connected to stories that roam rent-free in your mind. Scripts about what your identity is, or what kind of person you need to be, don’t have to be believed. Don’t get hooked into squabbles or self-doubt just because it’s become familiar. Watch your back and words until more is revealed. Projections, assumptions, and defenses are to be carefully monitored and noted. Tell generous stories about who you are, and believe them. Be clear about what your capabilities are, and don’t second-guess them. Use your vibrant imagination to make up better realities until they materialize.

Suggested spell ingredients: the Better Boundaries Online Course, mythologies of eras past, screaming into your pillow, the Pomodoro method, Morning Pages, and fairytales and fables written from and about your own magical life.

9 of Wands, Reversed

For some time now, it’s seemed as though no matter how hard you try, you can’t quite gain traction. Mars is in your sign for most of the month, bringing motivation to areas that haven’t seen much movement. This is an optimal time to focus on a creative, heart-centered practice or project that has been on the back burner. That juice will flow over into the more mundane responsibilities that must get done.

There are some vague nudges about where next to put your energy and focus that just won’t stop: they play in the background as you handle life’s curveballs and respond to outside requests. They arise in those quiet moments when you’ve got a minute to yourself, or during meditation. All those current responsibilities and obligations make convenient reasons (ahem, excuses) as to why you can’t begin something else. Maybe, you could give yourself space to take a chance on these inspirations. Maybe, you could address why the past still has a hold over the present. Untangle yourself from dynamics that keep you all tied up.

Life will always hold challenges—you understand that more than most. Be careful not to conflate the temporary with the permanent. If you truly want to get over this hump, understand that resilience isn’t only the ability to deal with the tough. It’s about trusting that your hard work will eventually pay off enough to stay the course, or if it’s time to quit. Always, always, always bet on yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: free writing about your dreams and unexplained downloads, visualizations and meditations of the Void, a talisman to honor your subconscious desires, bergamot oil on your wrists, and the Better Boundaries Online Course.