May New Moon

May New Moon

The Mansions of Our Minds 

Happy Tuesday! Happy New Moon! Today our Moon is New—meaning it is between the Earth and the Sun from our vantage point in the Northern Hemisphere. We can’t see it. The sky is much darker. There is more room, more space for us to swim in, dream about, open out into. This is a good day to begin positive habits: what vitamins would you like to begin taking? A good time to plant seeds. An opportune week to focus on matters of career, the home, your body. Get grounded, rooted down. Attending to matters of the present could feel more important than ever during this New Moon in May. The invisible Moon rises up in the sky at 6:00 in the morning. Can you wake this morning and make a wish? Light a candle to shine out hope and faith?

The air outside is warm and inviting. Now is a perfect time to make contact with the Earth. Lean up against a tree, bask in its wisdom and presence. The same elements that help grow the tree have helped our bodies grow: oxygen and Sun, water and earth. We can view ourselves as soil and fodder for our wishes and goals to take hold. What is the state of your personal soil? What thought-seeds are you planting in the garden of your mind? What thought-actions are you undertaking? What communication are you giving your subconscious, your community, and the universe via your thoughts, the words you speak, where you decide to place your body, what you decide to do with your time? Take a few time slots this week to get absolutely in touch with being sacred. With your dreams. With your body’s messages.

Spell-wise, when the Moon is in Taurus, this would be an excellent time to do spells around drawing confidence, the body and how you treat it, beauty, possessions, abundance, prosperity, security, growth, and pursuits in the creative arts. The New Moon is a magnet time to attract open doors, new patterns, and new relationships—internally and externally. Because we are in Spring, because we see so much growth and change around us in the form of nature, flowing with that regenerative energy makes perfect sense. We can petition Venus, Oshun, Lakshmi, Xochiquetzal, Lilith, Hathor, Ishtar, Inanna, Freya, or any other specific Love Goddesses we hold sacred in our own lives (Rihanna, anyone?) to invoke our lust, our desire, and our creative impulses in how we choose to love ourselves, decorate this love, and further bring more sensuality and enjoyment into our every day. You can build an altar to your goddess, or yourself—fill beautiful saucers with chocolate hearts, pink or yellow candles, honey, apricots or another fruit, cashews, bread rolls, and coins. Spend time at your altar, write down what you want to happen in your life in six weeks’ time, or six months. After six days, fold up the paper, put it inside your roll, and go to clear, running water. Throw only your bread/paper in the water and thank your Goddess for helping you to invoke more joy and love in your life.

A New Moon is the opportune time to ask, “What if?” This is most certainly not the time for “No's". Do not deprive yourself in that manner. Let every possible dream in. Let every conceivable journey be a possibility. How are you at letting in a “YES!”? Or a “Hell yes!”? Do you have to climb up on a ladder with a monocle to see it? Can it just come to you easily, as a sparrow careening overhead as you lay in a field blowing bubbles? How do your cells respond to acceptance and invitations? Is it time to experiment with wearing iris-colored YES goggles?

Imagination has brought us so many things: pyramids, blue jeans, socialized healthcare, hot air balloons, perms, biodynamic gardening, the printing press, home karaoke kits, seed bombs, airplanes, sculptures made out of palm tree fronds, and knitting blogs. Imagination has suspended death, delivered life, transcended humanity, flown humans around our solar system, conjured philosophies out of thin air, and turned fool’s gold into million dollar empires. How would you like to use your vast imagination to create your world? How would you like to use your sparkly, unique vision to remake the world? How can this be solely original to you? How will this be a testament to your love of your singular creation process? We need your brilliant brain’s art, your words, your gender-neutral fashion line, your solutions to global warming, your ideas on organizing, your intersectional poetry, your databanks of resources, now more than ever. We need your focus on yourself, on what that self will create, boost, support, foster, reengineer, reinvent, and inspire more than ever. What we focus on, what we enjoy, and what we embody, grows.

What are you ready to put steadfast focus on?

How are you allowing your imagination to explore and explode your natural brilliance?

What are you ready to grow? Where are you ready to grow?

Where can you replace your uncertainty with positive affirmations?

What are they? Are you putting them over your desk, or under your pillow? Are you repeating them 3 times, or 33 times a day? Do they show up as invisible ink in your creative projects? Your texts? The ways in which you treat your objects, your time, your friendships?

At this New Moon time, may every page your hand caresses send you lightning bolts of inspiration. May the words that pass from your lips speak truth to a future of graceful freedom for all. May all the mansions in your mind be glorious, filled with laughter, rose petals, compliments, and lemon water. May you summon your dreams with your breath, your love, and your actions. May the mingling of your grounded-ness and your wildest vision create peacock-colored antidotes to the limited concrete walls of the capitalist patriarchy. For ever and ever, a-womxn.

Essences and herbs good for calling in manifestations: blackberry essence, any seeds, any plants that spread, such as dandelion, bamboo

Other suggestions at this time: roots, root tinctures, root vegetables, the color correspondences of pink, green, yellow, and light blue

Stones that are good for calling in desires: lodestone, labradorite, hematite, topaz

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