May New Moon

May New Moon

This Saturday, the moon becomes new again. Solidly in springtime, we are seeing before our eyes, proof of what began growing, invisibly in the dark, so many months ago. New life takes time and tending. This would be an optimal time to do magic around what you want to grow in your world—specifically related to how you value yourself, and your work in the world. We are rarely taught to treat ourselves like the priceless, precious gifts we all are. We short change ourselves by being our own harsh critic. We undervalue ourselves by not stating what we know we want and deserve in our relationships. We create unclear exchanges when we do not have clear boundaries around what we will and will not do. Not valuing your own energy, time, and talents, is, in essence, not valuing yourself.

Money can factor into this process, absolutely. If you need or want to generate more income, it may be a good idea to look at how you value yourself. We live in a wretched, capitalist system that depends on the exploitation of human lives to keep functioning. This can lead to a lot of confusion on how to think or feel about money. You aren't a "bad" person if you aren't making a lot of money right now, or if you have issues around money. It is the system that we live in, as well as class, race, gender, ability, and sexual identity, among others, that often determines our access to resources. However: you are a magician, you are a powerful witch—you can begin treating yourself with more care, with more value, and touch base with the aspects of your life that are deeply abundant. Abundance lives in time, exhales, flow, plenty of ice cubes in the fridge, laughter, sharing, heartfelt communication, and creativity. And you've got all of those, and access to all of those, right now, wherever you are.

A very easy way to begin to revitalize and reinvest in tending to your abundance is to start simply. What do you have in your life that makes you feel really great? Name those blessings and feel grateful. Who do you have in your life that makes you feel seen, loved, and heard? Spend time around them, appreciate them, do kind things for them, and feel grateful.

What is worth your time, and worth your energy?
Who is worth your time and energy.

Be discerning. Your life is precious and it is short.

If your mindset is in an abundant state, if it is time to cast some spells for more money, a different job, or other exciting opportunities in the material realm, today or tomorrow could be a perfect time to do so. Build a money altar, write yourself checks, add more to your savings.

Always follow your spells up with action. Always remember your worth.

—excerpt from the Many Moons 2019 Lunar Planner