May Waning Moon: The Fixing Mind & The Allowing Mind

May Waning Moon: The Fixing Mind & The Allowing Mind

May 18th: Last Quarter Moon: The Fixing Mind and the Allowing Mind

A basic premise to working with manifestation, self-development, transformations and shifts lies in working with the power of your emotions. When we feel joy, ease, and contentment, it can perpetuate more of this energy. When summoning a dream or a wish visualizing some aspect of the outcome clearly is key. In spell workings, when we invite and feel the corresponding emotions as sensations through the cells of our body, we unite the mental with the physical and with spirit. Past, present, future are one. Body, mind, and spirit are all in alignment with the intended outcome.

Emotions are energy. Powerful emotions, such as rage, anger, or lust course through our bodies. The pulse quickens, the face turns beet red, the blood rushes through our veins, our temples throb. You. Are. Pissed. Most of us are taught to not express deep anger, sorrow, sadness, anxiety, or fear. We aren't really given an outlet to explore and release these emotions. We aren't taught that expressing scary sad hurt monstrous pain is a useful skill. Our fixing mind steps in. "Well, so-and-so didn't mean it when they said that cruel thing, so I'd better get on with it." Of course we have to move on, of course we need to forgive and let go. But when the rational mind hops in on emotions that need to feel fully experienced and wrestles them back down, tamps them in a compartmentalized box, then that isn't healthy either. The emotions have nowhere to go. They stay inside your body, mind, and subconscious, unresolved—running old scripts, keeping our trauma looped, pushing our neural pathways down the same tired tracks.*

Emotions are arrows. They point us up, over, and out. They give us indications and guide us to what we want more of. They act as internal maps that we can attune to and follow. Yes! please! to that exciting edge. No! thank you! to that humiliation.

Emotions are simply information. They aren't negative or positive necessarily. We all have our own personal default emotions that are our chosen habits. We might be addicted to certain emotions like stress, excitement, or blame. We might seek those out, unconsciously. Avoiding certain emotions determines our behavior at times, which in turn determines the outcomes to our goals. Certain emotions don't need to decide the outcome of your life forever, though when we are depressed or dejected it can certainly feel like it will always be this way. Look to uncomfortable emotions as the most powerful guide that exists to help with manifesting work. Once we let ourselves feel these emotions appropriately, we can let them out of our bodies in a positively purgative manner.

As this Last Quarter Moon time occurs, spend time thinking about how you utilize and work with your emotions. Examine where and how your "fixing mind" comes in to save the day but ends up blocking the important messages of your unbridled emotions. If during the week uncomfortable emotions come up for you, don't push them aside with rationalizations. Tell the "fixing mind" to take a rest and invite the "allowing mind" to take center stage.

The allowing mind invites in the labyrinth of the subconscious. It is curious about what messages can come up, even if they seem silly or completely irrational. The allowing mind is an observer. It isn't at the mercy of fear or sorrow. Let these emotional messengers come up and speak to you. They can give you information about core subconscious beliefs. These could be blocking you from expansion. "If I make a lot of money, I am a bad person," "If I speak my mind, I'll always be attacked," "I don't deserve unconditional love,", etc.

Once you start unpacking those harmful narratives and working through these beliefs with gentleness and compassion, there is a wonderful opportunity to dismantle deep blocks. Who told you this? Where is this coming from? Why was it there in the first place? What does it need to be satiated and released? Take it a step further with the next New Moon period and replace the sabotaging belief with the positive opposite. For example, if some gentle questioning uncovers the belief that is "I don't deserve unconditional love," then your wish with the New Moon intention could be "I attract people in my life that love me no matter what." THEN during the Waxing period you get to work on loving yourSELF, and explore what that looks like for you.

What emotions come up for me frequently? Where can they give me more information about my current needs?

How are they my guideposts? Are they reflections of my intuition, or a remnant of a long-standing defense mechanism, an unhelpful reflex?

How do they give me information about my subconscious narratives?

How could I reframe those narratives in my mind? How could I reframe my future narratives?

*If you have the inclination, money, and interest to explore modes of therapy that work in this ballpark, some of the ones that have helped me with healing my own trauma are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, and EMDR therapy.

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