May Waxing Moon: Work and Form

May Waxing Moon: Work and Form

May Waxing Moon: Work and Form

It is almost the Flower Full Moon. Here in sunny Los Angeles it feels aptly named. Walking in my neighborhood, surrounded by the smells of Jacaranda, Jasmine, and far too many flora for me to take pictures of and try to look up, life feels verdant, bursting, and up close—out of the square frame and into all the senses. Staring up at the Waxing Moon at night, sometimes through fog, her glowing gaze growing larger and larger.

In my workshops about the Moon, I've oftentimes remarked that my favorite Moon phases are the Waning and the Waxing. If I think of the New and the Full Moon as the "exclamation, question mark or period", then I think of the Waxing and Waning times as the sentences that make up that end or shift.

During the Waxing Moon times, we might start feeling twinges of communication from our intuition about what it is we are supposed to be working through, transforming, and growing. If we do the work to the best of our abilities during this time, when the Full Moon time comes we get to celebrate what has transpired, receive helpful messages from our intuition, guides, and various cosmic helpers, as well as build upon our wishes and dreams further, aligning with our highest self. (Sometimes if we don't take on tasks during the Waxing Moon time, the Full Moon time, already rife with feelings, can well, feel a bit crummy. Residual, not dealt with feelings and dreams tend to feel this way, welling up in the salt water of our body, becoming tears.)

These are the times where we can really get work done. The Waxing phase is all about turning dreams into form: building, doing the work, taking steps towards your new reality, even if they are small ones. Waxing Moon is the time through action, spell work, or both, to stretch out a bit and try things that you have perceived as a slightly out of your range or scope. This is the Empress Card. This is the Queen of Pentacles, and much of the Wands Suit as well. This is great to change old habits, such as eating, sleeping, exercising, or thought patterns. This time is optimal for spell work, virtually any expansive or growing spell will do well now. My favorites are the 3-day spells, in fact I'll be casting one tonight, to end the night of the Full Moon Saturday.

Not surprisingly, personally this month a lot has come up around the area of work: mostly, how I want to work, with what, and why. A very Taurus theme indeed! The metaphor of Taurus for me is about sensuality, enjoying form, enjoying abundance by way of having time, space, and sensory delight. Being grounded and one with the Earth, nature, your abilities, your creation. About reveling in all that you have accomplished, and imbuing that work with purpose and slow and steady drive. About given oneself permission to indulge in all of the above as part of daily life, however that looks like for you.

In general, a Waxing Moon spell works best when the Moon starts to go Gibbous, or gets a discernible bulge. You can work your Waxing Moon spell as many times as you want! Experiment with 3 day, or 6 day spells to start. In my experience, 3 days before the Full Moon feels quite right, but it is different for everyone.

As usual, if you do spell work around a certain intention or desire, you must also bring this into your life a bit each day, if only through visualization or shift in mindset. The seeds planted will be fertilized.

What focus requires your attention during this time?

What would a shift look like or feel in your daily life?

How can you make room in your life to shift or change in accordance?

Can you give yourself permission to go forth and build it?

Happy Waxing Moon!




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