Mercury Retrograde Magic & Reminders

Mercury Retrograde Magic & Reminders

When Mercury spins right back around and we find ourselves in its orbital retrograde, shifts are welcome. I don't subscribe to pop culture's doom and gloom transmissions around this transit. Mercury retrograde is an ample time for reflection, change, and healing. Below are some tips on how to work with this cosmic transit...

How To Make Magic When Mercury Stations Retrograde 

When Mercury stations retrograde, put your needs first. Burnout is in the air—the vibes are overwhelmingly overwhelming—so do not add more to a full plate or the plate will break (You are the plate. I am the plate. We all are the plate). 

Consider who exactly benefits from our subscription to the myths of hyper-productivity, perfection, and urgency. Dwell in possibilities, not lack. Try to see another side of your block, challenge, or current situation. There are always other ways. Ease is not a bad thing.

Adjust your consumption. More tree time and less screen time. Bathe in long silences, candlelight flickers, and salt. Excavate what you think about and why: what are the roots of your stories?

When Mercury stations retrograde, say yes when you mean yes, and say no when you mean no. Be honest. Be kind, not nice.

When Mercury stations retrograde, remember that a true apology is changed behavior.

Remember that in the future, you won’t be thinking about how insecure you felt at the beginning of a new project or a new relationship, or how messy your first attempts were. You will only be glad that you began. Start today.

Remember that once spoken or shared publicly, you can’t take it back.
Be mindful of what you share and who you share it with.
Be mindful of what drips off of your tongue, like honey or poison.
Words are spells.

Caretake is a kind of communication that isn’t verbal. There are other forms of language to explore. Listen to your body. The birds in the early mornings. The winds as they flow through space. The space between: letters, endings and beginnings, sleep and waking life.

When Mercury stations retrograde, know that it isn’t always someone else to blame. Sometimes, it’s about taking accountability for patterns that are so ingrained that they feel like home to you but are not.

Think about what you want to believe in and why. Try different forms of magic, different ways of relating, and different ways of loving in the gift that is your sacred life.

When Mercury stations retrograde, find a part of you that got lost somewhere along the way to survival. Drag her out of the underworld—out of the cosmic closet—and into the light. Hold this against your chest and promise to never let it go. Ask them, those neglected parts, what they need and soften as you listen.
Don’t be surprised if the answers scare and excite you all at once.
Illuminate your truest self.


Image credit: NASA