Moonbeaming: Using the Phases of the Moon to Manifest
Tuesday, June 16 / 6:30pm - 8:30pm
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To many religions, the Moon represents the Female aspect of Divinity, shining softly and brightly.

Understanding the phases of the moon is helpful to any modern mystic, to any woman, and person—as our closest celestial neighbor, ruler of the tides, and a gentle guide to our own intuitive cycles. The moon is a powerful force circling round our planet, and harnessing her energy is a natural step when thinking about our own dreams and goals.

In this workshop we will discuss scientific facts about the moon, become familiar with its 8 different cycles, and discuss the symbolic importance of the moon in different cultures. We will go over basic types of manifestation work and spells as they pertain to the four key different moon cycles. Different magickal ingredients, spells, and incantations will be discussed.

We will end the workshop with a short guided meditation and group spell pertaining to the New Moon in Gemini occurring that day.

This course is intended for curious individuals, and for those practitioners who want to focus on using the power and energy of the moon in their meditations, manifestations, and spell casting.

A zine going over the information in this workshop will also be handed out to participants.