New Moon in Pisces

New Moon in Pisces

Hello hello! Happy Moonday! Happy eve before the New Moon in Pisces.

From my 12 Moons Workbook:

“When the sun and moon are in the same sign, I think of it as getting a double-dose of that particular’s sign’s energies. Pisces is mystical, caring, helpful, and intuitive. This is a fantastic time to call in any psychic signals, messages or abilities. The new moon is complete with a total solar eclipse, which can come with change, external or internal. Depending on your particular birth chart this might affect you in various different ways. Something might be beginning or ending. (Or both!) Pay attention to messages, thoughts, and external events at this time. The power of this eclipse might help clear out what is no longer serving you, especially with regards to your emotional and creative life.

This would also be a very auspicious time to set any intentions and write down what you would like to happen around creative pursuits and dreams. Brainstorm the kind of work you must put into place, the fire you must lay down to get those dreams to take form. Pisces is one of the most creative, spiritual, and “tuned-in” energies, however they can sometimes lack the earthly endurance, or fiery passion needed with following a pursuit through. If you have a creative dream you would like to see manifested, call on the energies of Mars, the planet of passion, fire, energy: the powerful expression of the individual to see it through. What happens when you mix red with blue, the color of water? You get a shade of purple, the color of royalty, our third eye chakra color, his highness Prince’s chosen cloak, one of the best books ever (by Alice Walker), and a mix of the stereotypical gendered color of pink and blue. How incredible would it be if our goals and creative pursuits expanded and bloomed in the color of purple, complicated, blended, visionary. On the visible spectrum of light, violet light is at the end. Pisces is at the end of the zodiac. Consider where you would be coming from and going if you were operating from a place of pure intuition and insight.

Recommended affirmation: I make space in my life for my dreams.”

Some activities for the new moon:

Redecorate your Altar.

My altar is a place where I come to work my magick. It includes candles, herbs, crystals, and words or pictures I’ve gathered. Some people use feathers they’ve found, poppets they’ve made or other talismans. Usually with each new moon phase I clear out my altar and decorate based upon my mood and what I am interested in focusing on.

The new moon is great for inviting new energies in, and thinking about your highest dreams and desires. Right now, my heart needs a lot of support, so I’ll be bringing in rose quartz as a metaphor for my heart, with amethyst, tourmeline, malachite, and rosemary for protection purposes. This new moon falls on a Tuesday, rules by the planet Mars, so I’ll be thinking about courage and what action steps I need to take, and write an affirmation accordingly. Mars is very forward moving, so I will be thinking about how I need to act “as if” I’ve moved through some of the issues I want to address. This is just an example of how to work with this energy. New moons are great for planting seeds and letting your dreaming go out on a limb.

Tidy up and Straighten.

Hopefully you’ve been working with the energy of the waning moon to declutter and get rid of things. This time I got rid of a big garbage bag of clothes, and I still want to get rid of some more items on this New Moon eve.

Maybe on the eve of the New Moon, you can move things around, sage or clean some of the spaces in your home to make it feel bright, shiny and new.

Think and Vision.

Go freestyle and just write. Think about what’s going on for you, and how the solutions are oftentimes much simpler, and much deeper, than what sometimes reflects back to us at the surface level. Forget about the mundanity of your life and just riff on what you want your best life to look like. Would there be plants? How much light would you have? What would your pillows feel like? Map it out on paper, then feel it out in your body.

Cast a Spell.

If you are a practitioner, maybe you want to cast your spell. The day before the new moon is a great time to start planning what particular energies you’d like to work with this month. Gathering up your ingredients and scheduling time to work magick, whether alone or in a group, are one of the keys to having your spell go more smoothly.

Get focused and get moving, there is a lot of great healing and creative energy we can work with this week! If you have to work, or are otherwise occupied on the day of the new moon, I believe you can utilize this new energy up to 3 days after the moon has passed into new. In fact, I like waiting until I can see the tiny glowing sliver of her lunacy before working with the energy.

Lots of love and best wishes to you! Happy Moonbeaming!