New Moon in Sagittarius: Truth in Action

New Moon in Sagittarius: Truth in Action

Hello hello hello!

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius, the last lunar fresh start we have of 2015. (Although a fresh start exists for us in every inhale/exhale we have, if you want to get technical about it.) The moon was new at 2.29 AM Pacific Time on 12/11/15, a double dose of the golden, expansive sign of Sagittarius. (The sun is currently in Sag, and will be until December 21.)

Usually I like to do these posts on New Moon energy a couple of days before a New Moon, not the day after. However yesterday I was on a plane and the days leading up to the New Moon I was very busy with the last week of the college semester (I am an adjunct professor, currently teaching 4 classes at 2 different colleges. Among about other 5 different jobs!) So instead I want to steer this post into focusing on a very Sagittarius-like topic: right truth, and right action.

A little brief background on the astrological sign of Sagittarius: it is the 9th sign of the zodiac and the bow and arrow is its symbol. Sagittarius, half human and half-horse, is the centaur of mythology, the learned healer who forms a bridge between earth and Heaven. Also known as the Archer, Sagittarius aims high and engages many. Ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and good luck, Sagittarians are generally marked by an interest in philosophy, education, as well as travel. This sign is also generally ruled by truth, however that is defined to them. A typical Sag wants to grow, move, learn, and laugh.

This new moon, especially because Saturn is also in Sagittarius, is here to give us a push to get us to examine our actions and how they align with our inner truths.

Rituals and spells are very important. They help us to focus on what is important and put our energies and deepest wishes out to a very powerful universe. They are symbolic acts designed to work on a subconscious level as well as focus our energetic bodies into a desired state. However, without action, rituals and spells are likely to stay in the starry realm, just above our heads, shiny thought bubbles of what we really want sliding inside of clouds. Not becoming concrete form.

During this new moon time we can focus on how we need to act, in order to be in our truth. Numerous adages tell us: "Show don't tell", or  "I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts." ~John Locke.

My personal favorite is this quote from Gandhi:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

The biggest example currently from my personal life of my actions reflecting my desires is my Moonbeaming workbook. I knew since the early fall that I wanted to write a book that I had not been able to find about working with the energies of the moon. All the familiar doubts crept in: I did not know enough, I was not good enough to do this, I did not have the right credentials, wasn't a "writer",  etc. Of course I ignored those thoughts and proclaimed that I was going to do it. And the minute I got serious about writing, what happened? I got pummeled with freelance work. Work that there was no way I could, in my right mind, turn down. Work that was very time-consuming on top of my other teaching and tarot clients and feminist gear company obligations.

At first I did think I was going to have to shelve my plans of finishing a book due to time constraints, but after a tarot reading/check-in with Maja, (who I highly recommend, she's a great reader) it was clear this needed to be finished by January 1st. I drew the King of Swords, the card that correlates to that date. I am really excited to say that I sent my book to the printers and you can buy it here. It will be out about a week before January 1st it is in 130 pages of insight and suggestions designed to get you moving, changing, and evolving. Is it exactly as well-designed or as "good" as I had wanted? No. Is it going to be super helpful to people, dole out lots of great information and get me jazzed about writing the second workbook of 2016? Hell ya!

The above is an example of doing, acting, in accordance with our truth. NOT with our negative narratives that we've carted around for far too long. I could have let my perfectionist fears hold me back. Again. But nope, not anymore—or at the very least I am being conscious of my limiting self-talk.

We always have chances to move forward and act in new ways that are not tied to our old narratives. Really, every time you speak or react can be a more authentic mode of being. At this time, before a New Year, I encourage you to get clear on your truths and think of different ways to act out being and enjoying your life. Especially if it is a stretch, especially if there is an element of disbelief or bristling.

I encourage you to do so at this time because new actions may inspire new emotions. And we might be dealing with a whole bucketload of feels at the end of this month, with our full moon in Cancer on December 25th. More about that in a few weeks.

What are your current truths?

What are some ways you can act on them?

Small changes?

Big changes?

What new energies do you want to introduce into your life in 2016?

Happy New Moon!

P.s. Last I checked, I have one more 1:30 slot of readings for Tarot Sunday at Otherwild. You can sign up here. Thank you for a great year!