New Moon In Scorpio: The New New Transformation

New Moon In Scorpio: The New New Transformation

New Moon in Scorpio: The New New Transformation

On Wednesday, November 11th, at 9:47 AM PST there is a lovely New Moon in Scorpio. This new Moon trines Chiron and Jupiter is sextile to the Moon and Sun. What does this mean in plain speak?

Altogether, it is a blessed, lovely time that is potent for healing and transformation. Consequently, this could mean that certain deeper emotions have been coming up…up...UP for some of us during this current waning moon phase that we are in, oh, just about right now.

Season-wise, this time of year tends to suggest the beginnings of a turning-inward and reflection. The last beach days are behind us (unless you are in still hot LA), and we can begin to take peaks at Holiday time and even 2016. There seems to be a frantic rush to get things finished, as well as a deep need to pause, to reflect, and realign. We are in a time of the great awakening. There have never been more people on this planet in the history of this planet! There have never been more people willing to wake up, to think about their purpose, to think about injustice, late stage capitalism, and magic!

So let's get to the magic. And with the sign of Scorpio, there is a lot of it! Scorpio is the sign of profound transformation. Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the flames—the quintessential icon of chosen consciousness. Scorpio is the desert creature who found a way to survive against the odds. Once a Scorpio knows what they want, they focus on that dream with discipline, decision, and magnetism. A Scorpio is usually in a constant state of transformation, of becoming. They aren't afraid of pain nor do they shy away from discomfort. They understand the full range on the spectrum of manifestation.

I always like to think when a new or full Moon is occurring in the same sign as the current Sun, it is like a double-dose of that sign. Luckily enough for us, there are no problematic aspects with this moon, and the message is clear. The potential to work on and manifest new energies at this time is strong. While the energies around Scorpio generally center around sex, death, transformation, and desire, we can reference other energetic metaphors for our own personal journeys.

This new Moon falls on a Wednesday. Ruled by Mercury, planet of messages, communication, work, and change, this planet is the symbol between the realm of thought and the physical realm. This planet correlates to the Magician card in the tarot; that passionate vessel between power and physical manifestation. Can you make a list of 3 physical actions you must carry out on earth that will mirror 3 of your desires? Could just one of them simply be an email you should send? Could just one of them be a new way of framing and stating your identity so that you are in more alignment with your desires? Or, simply tell the people in your life what it is that you desire currently. Communication is key to manifesting your desires.

On a cellular and energetic level, think about how you must vibrate to manifest what it is you want. Scorpio correlates with the Death card in the tarot. The Death card is rarely about actual, physical death; it is usually much more metaphoric. Stepping from one manifestation to the next and continuing a sensory journey, this card speaks to evolution and cycles. We are currently in the middle of a cycle and so this might feel uncomfortable. You might feel overwhelmed in one way or another. Remember your key desires through this period and why this change is happening. What is this change trying to teach you? This can be the actual, factual time you apply these lessons and turn a page.

This is potentially a time of no going back. How are you vibrating and stepping into your new suite of desires? What are you getting rid of and letting go of? This new moon could be that snapshot of the leap. Jumping up into a different zone like the Phoenix, transforming in a burst of fire and upwards flight.

Suggestions for a New Moon Ritual:

You may decorate your altar however you wish, some suggestions would be smoky quartz for grounding, bloodstone for circulating energy and clearing blocs, and carnelian to help with creation and confidence.

Light a red candle to symbolize your desires.

Write down the type of language you would use to speak about yourself and your desires.

Think about what you would be doing in this new, desirable state. What would you smell like?

What would you be wearing? Who would you be hanging out with?
Write it all down.

Now close your eyes, and meditate on that state. Feel all the feelings coursing through your body on a cellular level. Do any visions come up? Take note. Try to use any language that came up, in the present tense. You can use words like anchors to guide into new zones.

Close your circle, use your new words whenever applicable, choose your new feelings however many times you would like.

A couple of upcoming events:

Tuesday, I will be leading a guided New Moon meditation at the Women's Center for Creative Work. It is at 7:30 PM and it costs $5 cash. There are some pillows there but you might want to bring a yoga mat!

Sunday, November 15th, from 12:30 to 5:00 pm I will be giving 25 minute tarot readings at Otherwild, as part of our monthly "Tarot Sundays" series. Readings are by sign up only and you can procure your spot here.