New Moon in Virgo : Solar Eclipse Edition

New Moon in Virgo : Solar Eclipse Edition

If you were in Africa, Antarctica, or floating in the Indian Ocean last night, maybe you saw the new moon solar eclipse. For the rest of us, it wasn't visible, but maybe you felt it (around 2:54 AM Eastern time, or 11:54 pm Pacific Time). Solar eclipses occur when the Earth, moon and sun align, with the moon in the middle. When Earth's satellite blocks out the entire sun a total eclipse results; when the moon just takes out a portion it's a partial solar eclipse. We are now in "eclipse season". This happens about two times a year: eclipses come in pairs, so where there is a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is to follow. Our next eclipse is September 28th, a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries. Excitingly enough we should be able to see it.

Astrologers believe that eclipses can act as portals ushering us into different states, consciousness levels, and transitions. Solar eclipses coincide with new beginnings and invitations: the ones we decide to take, and the ones life makes for us. Reverberations of eclipses can take up to six months to unfold. Think back to our last eclipse in March of this year, and if any seeds or other intentions you had that month have picked up steam or come to fruition recently. This new moon could be a time of true fresh starts in the realms of healing, self-care, higher purpose and heightened messages and communication. Think about those areas in your life that you must focus on, and what structures you need to build in order to do so.

I am going to focus on a couple of aspects of this eclipse. Depending on where you were it took place on Saturday or Sunday. Saturday is Saturn's day: the masculine planet of karma, hard lessons, discipline and authority. Sunday is ruled by Venus: the feminine planet of beauty, fertility, love, and growth. While these planets seem disparate at first, I believe they provide a suggestion with how to work with this eclipse's energy. We need structure, we need to release old limiting beliefs, and we need discipline to get to the next level (Saturn). Once we dig into and work through our karmic lessons, Venus shines down to bless us with the muse, with love, with heightened experiences and softer relationships. This applies not just to our relationship with others, but with ourselves…which is where Virgo comes in.

Virgo sometimes gets a one note reading. She is fastidious, the sign of hard work, she is exacting. Virgos are detail-oriented and health conscious. Lots of astrologers are saying to focus on your health, your habits, to organize during this time. And yes, totally, sure, go ahead and do that. But in my mind, that's sort of missing the point of the greatness and the vastness that the energy of Virgo offers. The sign of the Virgin— though this is astrology, so not in the literal sense—metaphorically this sign is very close to source. Virgo at her highest power is an open channel between her dreams and the work that it takes to manifest them. At her best she's clear, she's clean, focused and available for her highest self to work through her. A mutable sign ruled by Mercury, her traits are communication, flexibility, and destruction. Think about where you need to get focused. Get still and really listen to what it is your deeper self is asking you for. Get rid of what is no longer serving you.

At my last moon beaming workshop I talked about the Magician card when thinking about this time. Though the Hermit card is technically ruled by Virgo, and the Magician card is ruled by Gemini, both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, planet of travel and communication. All this earth energy can really be magical at this time in terms of focus, drive, and making great leaps. I would harness the energy of the Magician as much or more as Hermit energy. This eclipse and new moon gifts us the power of touching base with our inner reserves and power in order to shake things up and make it really happen in our life.

This eclipse in opposite in the sky to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Chiron is concerned with healing old wounds, trauma, and long-standing blockages in order to step into his power of a guidepost and leader. (Think: the Hermit Card, card 9, the sign of Virgo.) This is a great chance to uncover old patterns and release them, and to enter into the present moment with your goals intact. Virgo power will give you the drive you need gain new mastery, and steadily build up and up. Get clear and ask for what it is you really want in the here and now. Not the self of 5 years ago, or 15 years ago.

This month, September, is a number nine. It is an auspicious number of getting closer to resolve and completion. It is the three worlds of mind, body, and spirit amplified. How are you getting closer to what you want in your own earthly evolution? What are the tools you need to get even closer? Get clear, then get to work.

Happy New Moon and also: Happy (Jewish) New Year everyone!

Tonight I will be leading a new moon guided meditation at the Sweat Spot that starts at 9 pm. It is $10. See you there!

Suggested Ritual for the New Moon

This can be done the day of, or up to 3 days following the new moon.


Lavender and/or Rosemary oil or tincture(for opening the 3rd and 6th chakras)

Salt (kitchen salt will do just fine)

Candle (color of your choosing: white, blue, yellow, green)

paper and pen

Cleanse yourself and cast your circle, get comfortable.

Anoint your temple and wrists with oil. Anoint some on your candle.

Meditate and invite any of your protectors in.

In your meditative state, think about what you would like to invite in this next moon cycle. Keep your mind and emotions on the invitation: what it looks like, and what this would feel like.

Next, think about the actions you would need to undertake, daily and weekly for your intention to grow into a concrete reality. Name two or three actions you could take and commit to beginning.

Opening your eyes and getting your paper, draw a circle. Write down the things you would like to manifest, this cycle and into the future inside your circle.

Draw a bigger circle around your circle. In that circle, write your actions. Put your paper on your altar. Anoint your candle and put it in the first circle. Light the candle and say any affirmations or chants you need to. Get out your salt and trace the protective, action circle around your manifestation circle. You now have clarity of will and clarity of action as spelled out in front of you.

Do anything else you need to do in your circle before taking your protection down and going on your way.