November New Moon

November New Moon

Hello New Moon in Scorpio
By Mark Phillips and Martin Anguiano of Spellbound Sky

So it’s that time again that we are forever obsessed with—that fresh start, those new beginnings, and the endless possibilities that get us so motivated to fully embrace the blank slate that is the New Moon.

This New Moon falls in the astrological sign of Scorpio, connecting us to our personal magic on the deepest levels. Halloween and Samhain were just a warm-up to get us all in touch with our witchy ways and the unlimited power of the mystical realm. Use this energy to go within and unlock your true potential, becoming the magician of your own destiny.

Scorpio also represents transformation and we are all about that out-with-the-old-and-inwith-the-new state of mind. The death of one way of life and the rebirth of another is essential for growth and taking your New Moon manifesting game to the next level. The act of letting go is a key part of achieving the fresh start needed to create the New You. This is a time to really get the clarity needed to disconnect from whatever or whoever is holding you back. Bye. Next. Onwards and upwards!

When Scorpio passion joins forces with the New Moon, anything and everything is possible—trust and believe. That Scorpio intensity can be the driving force to take the world by storm and really start making it happen on a whole new level. On the other hand, watch out for that Scorpio’s legendary. When the internal demons become external, what boils to the surface is not cute. Scorpio energy can really turn up the volume on the drama and leave you spinning your wheels for no reason without getting anything accomplished. Be mindful of this chaotic energy, but don’t engage in it. Stay in your own lane and do not allow yourself to spin out of control. Remember, you call the shots in your reality and this is not the time to let energy vampires suck the life out of you. Oookaaayyy.

Instead, on this New Moon we choose to make gratitude the star of the show. Gratitude is the ultimate foundation for building all the prosperity and abundance we want to attract. There is power and pleasure in being grateful for everything in your life. If you take time to notice and be thankful for all the magical things that you are experiencing all day and every day, you will find even more of these moments will show up for you. When you are locked into the power of gratitude, even the worst setbacks and shitty days become a valuable lesson that needed to be learned. When you can identify these challenges as growth and have nothing but gratefulness for them, you will become an unstoppable force and the sky is the limit of what you can achieve. #FACTS.

This is why your connection to Source Energy through magic, meditation, and mindfulness is so important. We like to start the day with an affirmation of the energy that we want to embody. Usually it’s staying in a high vibration of love and light, uplifting and inspiring others along the way. It is also important to come up with an affirmation of what energies you are not going to engage in throughout the day. Fear, doubt, lack, stress, bitterness, and bitchiness are definitely not any part of what is going to move you forward. Hold yourself accountable to your affirmations throughout the day. If you find yourself in alignment with your positive intentions, give gratitude for this. If you find yourself falling into the negative thought patterns that can sabotage you, check yourself, correct yourself, and get back on track. Now let’s start manifesting up a storm with all this New Moon energy!

Excerpt from Many Moons Vol 2 2018. Buy the benefit edition here.

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