November New Moon

November New Moon

November New Moon : We Are Starfire

By Brandie Taylor of Magic Hour

Sagittarius is the sign of starfire. The stars and their relationships expressed as constellations map out the stories and histories of time. The stars are record keepers, inspiring what is to come by illuminating where we have been. They are our oldest ancestors who teach us how to grow our relationships, to navigate our journeys, and to turn the wheel of the year. The Sagittarius New Moon falls in the waning or dark part of the year and Sagittarius knows that only in the velvety dark can we see the true brilliance of the celestial realm and glimpse the vast perspective of the universe.

A five-pointed star is called a pentacle. It is a tool for working with the five elements and other birthrights and is a tangible and easy way to cast a spell. This Sagittarius New Moon offers us a window into working with our bodies and the starfire we carry. By charging the star that is us, we can be fortified by the gifts of the universe. This is the Pentacle of Sagittarius! Let it inform and shape the ways you move through the darkness. Claim and consecrate this pentacle as a self-loving act of awakening. 

Ritual for the New Moon in Sagittarius

Running energy through the pentacle that is your body is one way to take the magic and fully express it. To do this, use your mind’s eye to feel your body as the five-pointed star. You are a pentacle! You may want to position your body into the shape of a pentacle; orient the points of your star to suit your body. What’s important in this practice is following the pattern and current of energy in a way that that feels powerful to you. If it feels right, say the names of the points aloud. Spend a few minutes in each point until it feels activated, then move onto the next point until you have cast a complete star.

To prepare to claim the pentacle of Sagittarius as magical act, take a few deep breaths and ground your energy down to the earth and up to the sky. Feel the place where below and above connect within you.

From this connected place, bring all of your attention and focus to your head as you affirm the point of TRUTH. This point on the pentacle asks us to consider: What do I believe in? Where do I place my faith? How does my inner knowing inform my truth? Allow your philosophies, your values, and ethics to resonate around your head and notice the sensations you have.  

Spouting forth from the hopeful point of TRUTH, the gate to JOURNEY opens. Draw an energetic thread from your head down to your right foot and focus your attention on the experience of JOURNEY. Notice how this feels different than the last point. Here we open to the odyssey of life. This point on the pentacle asks: What experiences led me here? How does this voyage shape who I am? Imagine yourself expanded with a sense of adventure for life’s next quest.  

Feel the strong tether between TRUTH and JOURNEY as you create an energetic cord to CURIOSITY.  From your right foot draw your thread up through the center of your body and into your left hand, outstretched, as you open and expand to the point of CURIOSITY. Consider: What bright vision is held here for me? How do I sense this point of curiosity and optimism blooming within me? Feel the dance of wonder and joy!

The enthusiastic place of CURIOSITY unfurls a cord of energy that flows to the fiery point of ACTION. Channel your energy from your left hand directly across your heart and into your right hand as ACTION is sparked! Watch and feel as this hot point moves and transforms within your hand. This point on the pentacle is about energy and movement. Ask: What is my heart’s desire? Who am I in my most powerful self?

Rising out of the dynamic place of ACTION, flow your conduit of energy to FREEDOM. Draw the cord from your right hand down into your left foot as the point of FREEDOM is illuminated. Your FREEDOM is your birthright! Call in liberation for your spirit! Call in liberation for all beings! Ask yourself: Who am I when I am truly free? Who am I as my most sovereign self? How is my freedom entwined with the liberation of all beings?

Can you feel the structural relationship between the gates forming within you? It’s now time to send the last energetic thread up like a bolt of lightning connecting the points of FREEDOM and TRUTH, completing the pentacle of Sagittarius. Draw that starfire energy up from your left foot, the point of FREEDOM, to your head, the point of TRUTH. You are an exalted pentacle of magic! The points you embody are now part of you. Take time to reflect and ask yourself: How have I changed by claiming this magic?

You may run this pentacle as many times as you wish and return to it when you want to invigorate and deepen into the magic of Sagittarius. Try mapping it out on paper and placing it on your altar or drawing it on a ritual candle that burns with the sacred flame. Reflect more on these questions by journaling, or by pulling Tarot cards.

By using this pentacle during this New Moon in Sagittarius lunar cycle, the gift of starfire lives within you. 

—This is an excerpt from the 2019 Many Moon Lunar Planner.

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