November Supermoon

November Supermoon


Here we are.
All of us, in this together. Whether we like it or not.
All of us, together, trying to figure it out.

Whether this glow is from your phone or on a larger computer screen, whether you’d eschewed screens altogether right now (Goddess bless you!) and your only light is the glow of the Full Moon: you are here, with all of us, together on this planet.

Breathing in and out.
High as a kite or sober as a late night cup of coffee.
On this globe, this cosmic egg. We are all here.

Whether you voted or didn’t vote, or couldn’t vote due to suppression or age or immigration status or are undocumented or are in prison or didn’t register or have a felony or lack of a ride or any other extenuating circumstance, whether you weren’t eligible to vote because you do not live in America, whether or not—

here we all are, together. Now, what do we do?

Some of us are running the marathon having almost all the resources we need around us to succeed.

Some of us are running the marathon with a brick the size of the White House tied around both of our ankles. And some of are trying to do their best, somewhere in the middle.

It isn’t a race, of course.
But this will feel like many marathons.
There are no winners here, right now, at this time.

This isn’t a comparison, either. It is an attempt at discussing a spectrum of differences.

Now, what do we do?

We cry, we laugh, we dance, we make paintings, we have very very hard conversations, continuously, with ourselves and with many others, we protest, we make music, we make dinner, we go to our jobs, we smile at people around us, we make small talk, we talk about it, we finish our degree, we drop out of school, we don’t talk about it, we stretch, we stay calm, we scream, we meditate, we party, we stay home, we follow our wildest dreams, we examine our wildest dreams and adjust them, we drink tea, we get drunk, we stay sober, we remember to breathe, we write letters to our legislation, we donate money as never before to non-profits, we march on Washington, we turn off the phone, we forgive one another, we decide to never talk to our uncle/friend/cousin who voted for Trump again, we move our money, we take things very personally, we don’t take things personally at all, we hold one another accountable, we work with one another, we get angry, we keep going, we stay positive, we commit to speaking out whenever we see injustice, violence, or hate, we look on the bright side, we get mad, we keep going, we keep going, we keep going.

We do NOT normalize this. We do NOT accept this as a gateway to complacency. We do NOT listen to people who tell us to calm down, that it will be ok. Because it isn’t. Because it never was.

Above all, we must take care of our SELF like never before. This is so we can continue for the collective. So we can do the best work of our lives. Make the best art. Write the best stories. Care for the most people. Create the best change. Fight the best fight.

We must stay grounded through the transformation.

There’s a beautiful Full Supermoon today. Our November Full Moon. It resides in the astrological sign Taurus, while our Sun resides in Scorpio. The Many Moons Workbook entry, and ritual written by the wonderful Bri Luna, creator of the Hoodwitch, is all about self-love and care. Below is an excerpt:

“Monday, November 14th our dear Moon is in the Earthy sensual sign of Taurus. Ruler of the material world (form) and associated to Venus the ruler of love, art, beauty, and relationships. Our Sun is in the mysterious and transformative water sign Scorpio. So what just lies beneath these deep murky waters? Now is the time where situations that were once hidden reveal themselves and come to the surface. Our Taurus Full Moon also just so happens to be a supermoon, meaning it is closest to Earth and its energies and influence will be very potent. The Moon affects the ocean’s tides and if you live along the ocean’s coastline, this Full Moon would be an excellent time to watch for high tides. The Taurus Full Moon asks us to nurture the neglected and wounded parts of ourselves, reconnect to nature, and our physical bodies. Use this Moon energy to illuminate our heart center and our shadows.”

We must stay grounded in our transformation. Self-care, whatever that looks like to you, right now, is imperative. If in doubt, start with the basics: stay hydrated, stay fed, stay well-rested, be around people you love, do activities that bring you joy, breathe, move your body, send yourself and others love and kindness. We must be strong as we continue along this never-ending marathon.

The Tarot card that correlates with the sign of Taurus is the Hierophant. This word roughly translates to an interpreter of sacred mysteries or esoteric principles. This card is an initiation into examining our own religion: the internal and external ways in which we enact our spirituality and consciousness. A bit of a blend of the High Priestess and the Emperor, the Hierophant refers to our inner and our outer guides. Where we are being led. How we are leading ourselves. Our moral compasses, collectively and individually. The structures and institutions of society: work, the church, government, organizations, collectives, and so forth. The Hierophant wants us to look at where we fit into the larger scale. What we’ve internalized and why. How we do our best work, and what context. How we translate our unique knowledge and vision to others. The structures we’ve built and the structures that have been built on us. At this time, we’ve got some unpacking to do. There’s massive reworking going on. We mustn’t be afraid to do the work.

The Tarot card that represents Scorpio, the Sun sign we are in, is the Death card. After we leave this planet our legacy remains. Who we’ve touched, what we’ve created, how we’ve held. At this time I urge you to look at your lineage of personal legacy, as well as your ancestral line. What are the ideologies, the messages you’ve been taught about who you are, and what is held dear? What have you been clinging to, consciously or unconsciously, and what is ready to die? This is a chance for new ways of thinking and working. First, the clearing. Then the rebuilding.

Stay strong, sweeties.

Stay soft, kind: through it. Reach out to your people.
Reach out to those you care about and wish to protect.
Even when it feels hard. Don’t forget that being divided and keeping us
fighting one another is one of evil’s greatest weapons.

May this cycle be truly transformative.
May we stay truly grounded.
May we stay connected.
May we love the way we came here to love.
May we do the work we came here to do.

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