October 2020 New Moon

October 2020 New Moon

On Friday, October 16th, we greet our invisible New Moon: a bridge New Moon between two Full Moons. A bridge New Moon in a bridge month. This October allows us to embrace dualities. We still see life: all birds have not migrated, inspiration still knocks at our door. October is the season of remembrance and reconciliation. Our subconscious is giving us information that our consciousness can interpret. Through those interpretations, we reach a greater understanding of the sources of our pain. This in turn guides us on how we must be loved, and how we need to communicate this to ourselves and to those around us. This is an opening—being honestly vulnerable always is, no matter what. This is the time for you to make different choices around how you show up for yourself. This is the moment to open up to let others show up for you.

We begin the process of making peace with the shadows, with the fading light, with assorted regrets in October. Alchemy is enabled: when we hold our shame and grief with love and awareness, we enact a healing process. When we take what we have learned and use this knowledge to take action in different, more healthy, more abundant ways, well then, you my dear are simply divine.

If you’ve been feeling this and doing this, call it what it is: growth and evolution. This is an opening too: a portal into another dimension of love and expansion. We are in October, the month of magic and the season of the witch. Our instincts guide us towards pots, cauldrons, and candles; the longer nights help us with our spell crafting and casting. The opportunities to sink into self are abundant—we remember who we are: Goddesses, Goddexx, Wizards, Witches, Magic Makers and Creative Creatures of all kinds. We are as plentiful as the stars in the sky.This New Moon falls on Friday, which is, in traditional Roman/Greek mythology, the day of the Goddess. The word “Friday” is derived from the Norse Goddess Freya. She correlates with love, beauty, fertility, and possessions. Freya was a wild-woman-shaman Goddess who, like most Goddesses, did whatever she wanted, including riding in a chariot driven by cats. (They were a gift from Thor, natch.) Take a cue from her, and do whatever the fuck you want as you collect more gifts along the way.

This New Moon falls in the astrological sign of Libra while the Sun is also in Libra: double air, doubly clear communication. There’s potential for bright words between the conscious and the subconscious. Libra corresponds to Venus, she who came out of the sea in a shell—a show-stopping entrance indeed. A pearl comes to life, perhaps. Across cultures, there are scores of similar sea goddess myths: Oshun, the Yoruba deity of the sea; Yemanja, giver of all; Mama Wata, the ocean goddess of Ghana. Even the Greek sea god Poseidon was first the female Posidaeja in ancient Minoan culture (Barbara G. Walker, The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects.)

The symbol of Libra is that of a scale; the Sanskrit name for the sign of Libra was “Tula,” which means “the Balance”; the scale of the Egyptian Goddess, Maat (also associated with Venus), weighed hearts in the afterworld. Other aspects that Venus corresponds to are love, beauty, friendship, partnerships, and relationships of all kinds, earthly delights, money, harmony, charm, contracts, and art. You can work spells on your own around any of these desires.

The suggested spell for this lunation is to take all your integrative work, all your magical work, and use the power of this New Moon to use language for conscious creation so that you can step into your most divine, most cosmic, most magical self.