Our Emperor Year PDX: In-Person Workshop, March 1st 2020

Our Emperor Year PDX: In-Person Workshop, March 1st 2020

Our Emperor Year: Activating the Fire Within to Build Your World in 2020 and Beyond. An In-Person Workshop & Ritual in PDX with Sarah Faith Gottesdiener of Modern Women

Sunday, March 1st, 2020
at Homebody: 2383 NW Thurman St, Portland, Oregon
The 6 to 8 PM workshop has SOLD OUT! There is limited availability for the afternoon workshop from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. SIGN UP HERE!

Sarah will lead a deep dive into the archetype of the year: the Emperor. She will discuss different ways to work with this archetype to create structures and transformation in your world. A sometimes misunderstood energy, the Emperor’s lessons are many: this archetype can help us all get organized, make a plan, connect to our spirituality, harness creativity, and help everyone step into our personal power.

This is also an interactive element to our gathering. Participants to make a plan for something they desire and create an action plan. Participants will do a Tarot pull and share around their desires. Then, the workshop will end with a group spell to raise energy and gather support for all to step into their inner flame and embodied self.

This workshop is for participants who are interested in exploring power, building structures, tapping into their inner fire, and connecting to the energy of the Emperor to help them grow.

Participants do not need any prior Tarot experience to take this workshop. Participants will need a Tarot deck, a journal/notepad and a writing utensil. If sitting on the floor is uncomfortable for you, please bring a cushion or another sitting helper. Please be open and willing to share and participate fully in the workshop. (If you are thinking of bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend/roommate and they are not really into tarot, or self-development, or magic: leave them at home! We want folks who are all in on being vulnerable and being present.)