Practical Magic: The Tiny Bold Promise to Help You Embody Abundance

photograph of flowers and the words "the tiny bold promise"

Abundance is a practice.
Time spent attuning and experiencing all adds up. Repetition creates intimacy and intimacy is key to making great shifts; incremental progress turns into quantum leaps and profound changes.

Abundance is a return.
A return to our true natures, far past capitalist hoarding, competition, and extraction.

Abundance is a remembering.
You remember who you are. What you want. What you need. You remember that you can have what you want, that what you need is non-negotiable.

Shifting and reshaping your experience of abundance happens with magical and practical changes. 

First, vision what your personal definition of abundance looks like.
Maybe it isn't more, maybe it is less.
Less stress. Less confusion.

Maybe it is more. Maybe you are a maximalist. You want bio-degradable glitter and bright bouquets everywhere! 

Whatever you want is beautiful. Decide and honor it. 

Start with small, everyday activities and practices that reflect your visions. Consider your needs and wants carefully. In the mundane, which is the present moment, (which is all we have) is the perfect place to begin embodying your inherent abundance.

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The Tiny Bold Promise

 Write a list of things that make you feel abundant and connect you to your power—things that make you feel like your very best and most powerful self. Practices you’d like to try. Activities that will shift your day and make it brighter or sexier or more fun or more intriguing.

Maybe they are things you’ve wanted to do forever but haven’t. Maybe because they might feel hard. Maybe because they might feel dang good.

Make at least some of them easy, simple, and attainable.

Throw in a couple of wild and expansive ones for good measure.

Then make a promise to yourself to do them, to do them in the spirit of abundance. Keep your promise.

Each day, for 30 whole days, complete a Tiny Bold Promise.
Write down what you did.
Write down what happens.
Give yourself a sticker.
Give yourself a prize.
Maybe the Tiny Bold Promise is the prize. 

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