Reflecting On The Themes of 2022

Reflecting On The Themes of 2022

While folks are already acting as if the year is over, there’s still a lot of time left to rest, integrate lessons, and start new projects. 

2022 has been so brutal and intense for so many: our earnest plans made God laugh, grief was a familiar companion curled up in the corner, and as derailments, distractions, and the very real state of the world piled up — so did overwhelm. 

And also: alongside all of the suffering is deep eroticism. I can’t afford to turn away from all the joy and love that so abundantly exists. I refuse to become numb when it’s deep aliveness that I crave intimacy with. I can’t slide into bitterness, compassion fatigue, or ingratitude when I focus on all the blessings, wonder, and possibilities that swirl around each day.

After months of feeling like I haven’t been able to integrate some of the lessons I’ve learned, the next 7 weeks will be time to make the changes I’ve wanted to, inside and out. 

I’ve started this process by revisiting the channeled themes of 2022. 

And dang, they are super relevant!

See where these have been highlighted in your life.

Can you implement any of these with anything you’ve felt stuck around? 


The Channeled Themes of 2022 by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener 

The first 2022 theme I shared, back in January, was Choice.

In the United States, we’ve seen an emphasis on our right to choose through threats to our personhood — attacks on our rights, and our bodies. We also can still see the ripple effects of the personal choices we make during a pandemic. 

Then there’s the emphasis on our personal choices: are you making conscious decisions about your life and your time, or are you on automatic pilot, just doing what you’ve always done because it’s safe? Recover your ability to choose, in whatever capacity you can. Start small: how are you breathing?
Get fundamental: do you know how to regulate your nervous system?
You have a lot more choices than you realize. 

New definitions of success. 
The definitions of success we're taught often come to the detriment of our spirits, humanity, and the planet. There are a lot of messages you’ve been carrying about what success looks like that you can drop. Get rid of the goals that don’t fit or that won’t bring true happiness or fulfillment. Do you need to spend some time making a list of what authentic success looks like for you, now? Psst…I also have an exciting workshop coming up with one of your favorite witches around this very subject! So stay tuned for more on that.

There is no finality in failure: something not working out once is not evidence that it won’t ever. So many plans and dreams were ignored or shelved over the last few years. This year, try again. This is a year of do-overs. Revisit the old projects, reach out to old friends, and restart the abandoned hobby or dream. Practice is highlighted here: do it over, and over, and over again. This is how to get results on anything. 

Tend to your own garden.
Create your own beauty. Nurture your soil. Grow roots. Weed out invasive species. Your life needs to be its own healthy ecosystem, with all the elements in place for it to be sustainable. This is how you enjoy it. It’s time to focus on yourself if you’ve been focused on everyone else but yourself! Learning how to garden is going to be an imperative skill set, so start now. 

These are just a few excerpts from 11 different channeled themes for 2022. 
Listen to all of them HERE and see how accurate they are for you.

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