September 2021 New Moon

September 2021 New Moon
Getting Spiritually Organized

Monday, September 6th
New Moon in Virgo at 5:52 pm PST

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the last New Moon before the autumnal equinox. The last bit of harvesting energy is available to us. We can focus on what we’d like to collect, amplify, and take with us before the last of the leaves have fallen. Leaves fall off branches easily, after giving us a vibrant show. Let this remind us of how beautiful it can be to shed.

There are three months left in the year, which based upon your perspective, is a quite short or incredibly long time. All aspects of your life: identity, community, health in all aspects of the word, creativity, beliefs have been affected. Reflect on how you‘ve been changed. Don’t simply scratch at the surface; dive deep. Spend time in the edges of the forest of your psyche, curl up where the roots burrow into the earth. The dragons you’ve encountered have surely taught you something. There were moments of quiet glory that filled up your cells. What kind of person have you shown yourself to be? What life are you absolutely hellbent on seeking out? Write down how you will get there. Make some decisions.

Meet yourself wherever you are. Be honest. If the most important thing you have to do is move, or find a medication that works, or facilitate a break up with your self-defeating attitude, or accept that you always have been, and always will be, a visionary walking your own path and making art for people to enjoy in 40 years and with that sometimes comes loneliness, then accept that.

Keep the most beautiful parts of yourself front and center. Name your strongest gifts and truest talents; developing those will serve the collective and your destiny. Be clear about the tendency, behavior, or belief that most get in your way. Figure out how you must cease this self-defeat.

In order to create momentum alongside the growing movement of the Moon, one’s metaphoric temple must be in order. Spiritual discipline must be practiced and diligence must be enacted. Spiritual organization must be a priority.

Artists often set up routines and rituals to support their creativity. A magical or spiritual practice is similar. The best artists value compassion. Spiritual practitioners must also hold this value close. Some equate suggestions about discipline, organization, or diligence with punishment. In reality, this is a way to return, a way to experience your deep self, a way to heal. Discipline and organization remind us that we are our own best friend, parent, lover. These practices are the opposite of abandonment.

Getting spirituality organized is a benediction to yourself. Make yourself available to Source by showing up in a Source-like way. Deep listening, the dropping of expectations, energetic or planetary attunements, elemental meditations, figuring out how best to pray, figuring out how best to play, deciding what your new stories are: these are all some ways to align with secrets, mysteries, and a specific life force that wishes to animate your consciousness. How does Source show up for you? How do you show up for Source?

Then there is the translation of this blessing. The Hierophant, the Tarot archetype of this year, teaches us about blessings. We have certainly learned about blessings: blessings in disguise, hard won blessings, and all the blessings that can never be bought or sold. Part of our spiritual calling is allowing others to receive transmissions of our version of the divine.

– Excerpt from the 2021 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Read the full essay in the September Monthly Guide