September New Moon

September New Moon

Hello hello! We are in September New Moon times!

It isn't just any old month, this month. From a lunar perspective, it is quite incredible. We have two new moons, two eclipses and Mercury (the planet that rules intellect, reasoning, communication, day-to-day-expression, messages, coordination, the way we speak, the way in which we write, exchanges, processes, technology, and travel) is retrograde.

I wrote a little about this energy in my workbook:

"Look to the end of the month for some change in vibration, and possibly also for some sweet relief. Quite frankly, I would advise you to schedule in some self-care, some time-outs. However, I also want you to risk big things, make big strokes, undertake bold moves. To show yourself that you can. That you want. To show those around you that you are serious. To prove to yourself and your guides that you take yourself seriously.

Think: portal. Think about what you need to step into, beyond the fear, beyond your mind's limitations.

Lindsay Mack contributes a beautiful piece entitled "Swimming in the Void."

A short excerpt:

"While uncomfortable, there is absolutely nothing wrong with us when we are in the Void. It is only the Ego that believes that it's dying, not the truth of the Soul. This is why the Void is the greatest tool for our evolution imaginable: it provides us with the opportunity to move through a huge brain chemistry contraction, and connect to the truth, and to our infinite "okayness" in that chasm, regardless of how we feel about it. Feelings are not facts. Ultimately, the Void is here to provide us with the sacred place and space to rewire brains and begin to trust the Unknown, where true magic can occur."

From my newsletter: 

It is a great idea to think about what kinds of magic you want to make during this time, what messages you’d like to send yourself and others, and what needs to be tended to below the surface, before it comes bubbling up in a beautiful incarnation. Work with the energy, go with the flow.

So: engage in the surrender. Shed that skin, it is ok to be in the Void. It is natural to not know what is coming next. Cast your net out wide, be kind to yourself and others, and give yourself more time. Try to enjoy the process of the unknown; it is all we have right now, and the unknown is often all that is, even when life appears concrete. Eclipse times just highlight this fact, that changes are always present. Remember to hold your love and worth like a fragile dove to your bosom, and not be afraid to let it fly away to get what it always needed.

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See ya on the other side! XO