September New Moon

September New Moon

September New Moon Tarot Card Pull

Seven of Cups, Nine of Swords, Eight of Cups

The New Moon of September is happening the 19th-20th of this month, depending on where you are located. The following download is based off a Tarot Card Pull I had with questions around what this New Moon encapsulates and entails for us on a collective level. Take what you need and leave the rest.

This Moon is happening in a month that is a fresh start. But fresh starts are also transitions, so there could be some mistakes, some confusion, some growing pains. A lot of what this New Moon on Tuesday may be about is separating facts from reality. Seeing all the things—emotions, behaviors, dreams, wishes, bad habits, worn out patterns in relationships laid out—buffet style, in front of your psyche. Your psyche that is trying to parse out what is false and what is really real. Your psyche that more and more is drawn like a magnet to the truth and will no longer accept substitutes.

When we name what we are no longer entertaining it becomes easier to see when it pops up. Easier to let it slide away. Easier to engage with the pattern differently, or not at all. We CAN put out our grounded focus on energetically aligning with the clouds of the unknown gifts before our highest selves. We can proceed accordingly with the trust we are slowly, or in some cases swiftly, leaning into our new lives. Our promise that we will no longer settle for less than the truth, and less than what we know that we crave.

So much of this month is about holding out for what we really, really want. What we’ve really, really wanted for years, in fact. There might be too many options, or confusion. There might be lots of opportunities clouding your vision. Your vision and emotions might also be clouded by past hurts, untended to regrets, and emotional hangovers making their way out of your body. This September New Moon is about holding steadfast to the focus and actions that bring you securely into the blank pages of a different story. Suggestion: buy a new journal. Draw clouds on it. Write a different story in it.

Part of what is integral to this is moving away from emotional loops that no longer serve us. Not getting dragged down into our reactions, into knee jerk fears. Not letting others bring us into that territory as well! Realizing what has power over us is step one. Realizing what has power over us is actually, in most cases, a bubble we can pop with a silver dipped pin as soon as it gets close enough to name.

Around this time, and in fact around the whole month of September, fears or tightening might well up. Especially if you are ready to take risks. Definitely if you are already taking them! Gain clarity over what is rightfully yours, and what never belonged to you in the first place at all. That which was designed to keep you stuck, small, and scared. Move away quickly and gracefully when the options given are less than optimal. “No thank you,” is a phrase you may be practicing more and more at this time.

This New Moon, obey your body. Listen to it. Practice trusting it more. Let it help you with your decisions. Love it in all its perfect imperfections. With your breath, expand and flex your heart. Take the time to travel into the places that light you up and sustain you. Keep in mind that your body, whether exhausted, in serious pain, or working just fine, is your vessel and your vehicle. Show it appreciation.

At this New Moon affirm, accept, and appreciate all the gifts that are coming your way. Do not bow to anything less than what your precious self deserves.

From the Many Moons workbook, the beautiful affirmation by the brilliant Esmé Wang is:

“I am complete as I am.”

Happy New Moon!

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