September's Second New Moon

September's Second New Moon

Happy Second New Moon of September!
Our second new moon of the month takes place THIS Friday, September 30th.

THIS Friday and this weekend is a wonderful time for resetting and taking stock of where you are at right now on the various levels of your life. Take it easy. Take the time to set new intentions. From my "Many Moons Workbook":

"The New Moon is in Libra, while the Sun is in Libra as well. This could be an excellent opportunity to merge your relationship with your conscious and subconscious self, your relationship between internal and external, you union between your internal self and the self you present to the world. The sign of Libra is so much a metaphor about balance, about what is fair and equal. So much about working with different aspects of the self as well as working with others. Where have you been not giving yourself fairness about self-treatment, about wounds inflicted?

The New Moon falls on a Friday. The word "Friday" is derived from Freya, the Norse Goddess of beauty, love, fertility, and possessions. She was a wild woman shaman who, like most Goddesses, did what she wanted when she wanted. What if you did what you wanted a wee bit more? If your life reflected a bit more recklessness and risk, if your relationships were wellsprings of stimulation and lovingkindness? What forms would this take, what things would you hold?

This is a very special New Moon, as it is the second New Moon of the month. It is after a series of eclipses; things might have been shaken up and down and all around in your world, in one way or the other. Time might have gotten warped in some way—maybe moving at slipshod speed, or in snail-slow motion. Deep-rooted emotions might have gotten dislodged and dinged around in different parts of your psyche. Let's examine these, work with what is important, and move on. We can use words to think about all we would like to see transpire. As Eileen Myles says: "The poet is like the earth's shadow. The sun moves and the poet writes something down." What did this last Moon cycle inspire you to write down?"

I just came across about 10 Many Moons Workbooks in my studio. You can order here.

Over at the wonderful The Radder, I've started a New Moon Tarot Spread column. You can check out the download here. 

I'll be doing a New Moon Meditation over a bonfire for the closing reception of Suzanne Wright's show "Rainbow Warriors" this Saturday. The festivities start at 6 and it is free.

It takes place at :

Angels Gate Cultural Center
3701 S Gaffey St
San Pedro, CA 90731

Sending love to all!