Some Things the Moon Taught Me

Some Things the Moon Taught Me

Last October, I taught my first EVER online workshop, called Moonbeaming. This March, Moonbeaming is back for its second iteration. For 6 weeks, a small group of us will be gathering to work with lunar energy in a holistic way. We will deepen our spiritual practice, make magic, pay attention to our energy, and take the time to connect with ourselves and our intuition.

I've taught versions of this class since 2011, I've written 6 books and 1 zine about the Moon and magic, and I'm really excited to go multi-media! It is also going to be really wonderful to experience a lunar cycle, and all its subtleties and variances, with a committed group.

Living with and in Moontime, listening to the Moon, and learning from Her has given me some of the most precious spiritual gifts I have ever received. Below are a few of these teachings.

Our desires are linked to our fears are linked to our dreams are linked to our mindset is linked to our magic is linked to our energy is linked to our emotions is linked to our actions is linked to a process. And that process is amazingly illustrated by an entire cycle of the Moon. Moon magic is not just to be tried on New Moons and Full Moons. It doesn't take hold in just one ritual or spell. It is a holistic process—a circle of all the spectrums of us and our energy. It is a connected cycle. When we begin to investigate and experiment with all of the elements we have available within us as reflected in one Moon cycle, we can see our dreams, our issues, our goals, our challenges, as all linked together. This cycle highlights the choices we have available, and with all the levels of our consciousness, we step into the spectrum of our power and magic.

Everything is a circle. Everything is a spectrum. There is no such thing as the binary. Wrong or right, good or bad, male or female, either / or. Adding on to this, the "dark" is not "bad". The "light" is not good. All of everything just is. And we spend time in all of these states, and more. It is humans who project fears and anxieties onto these different states of being—the dark, the night, the underworld, as well as our joy, our contentment, our flow. This is because most humans wish to avoid suffering, and uncomfortableness at all costs. And we've been told over and over, not to dwell in the dark. Not to experience all the treasures that can be found there. When we try to actively be conscious of what we are learning from whatever state we are in, then we grow. Then we have the ability to transform, transmute, and alchemize.

Our subconscious and our intuition are some of our greatest helpers. The Moon is a symbol of our emotions, our subconscious, our dreams, and our intuition. When we begin seeing these qualities as a superpower we all possess, we can greatly shift our reality. We can reprogram our thought patterns, over time. We can allow our emotions to give us information, and we can work with the power of our water. We can foster a healthy relationship with our intuition and let our senses guide us along the mysteries. We can hold hands with ourselves, and access an innate sense of inner security.


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