Summer Solstice Spells

Summer Solstice Spells

Summer Solstice is a very potent and very special time of year! Themes of vitality, action, shine-shine-shining, the heart, and simply...enjoying life, as best as we can, all correlate with this time of year. Align with the warmth and shine whenever possible.

It's a great time to make some magic—just remember that seasonal spells are simply about noticing where you are and what's going on in your body/mind/spirit/home/world/greater web with gentle acceptance.
If your nervous system needs to be tended to, tend. You can't receive your blessings fully if you are outside of your window of tolerance. Accomplishment rings hollow if scarcity programming runs too deep. If you still need more rest, rest. Recovery is part of the creation cycle.

Action taken from a space of flow often opens us up to intuitive messages or easy solutions we might miss if we rush. It's s a good time to s l o w d o w n in order to accelerate your growth or find shortcuts to new, fertile spaces.

This is also a time when I do a personal inventory and reset. I view the Solstice as a both/and: a time to honor and release the past and welcome the future. For me, it's a pre-harvest harvest season and a chance to both metabolize loss and lessons, and remember what I still want, need, and dream of.

Below are some of my spells and celebration ideas for this magical part of the year. Happy Solstice! 


Summer Solstice Celebration Ideas


Make a Solstice flower essence. My favorite times to make essences are on the Solstices and Equinoxes. Use foraged flowers or plants from your garden if you can. Here's a basic recipe.

Reflect and recalibrate. The Gregorian calendar year is half over: sit in the sun with your copy of Many Moons and reflect on all that has transpired. What are you most proud of? What did you learn this year? Where did you stumble? What are you ready to try again? What are your dreams for the rest of 2022? Celebrate all your growth as you continue to shine into the second half of the year.

Give gratitude to the sun. In my practice, I take time to honor the energies that support me and the planet: this is a relationship. This week is the perfect time to give thanks to our life-giving luminary. Make an altar to the sun with sunflowers, sunstone, or yellow and orange flowers. Write a poem or recite the Orphic Hymn to the sun.

Watch the sunset on the longest day(s) of the year with your loved ones. Celebrations are always better together. Y'all know how I feel: Solstices (and Equinoxes and full moons and the like) do not have to be recognized exactly on the day/minute/second they occur. In my practice, these occurrences can be enjoyed about 3 days before and 3 days after—when we've got the capacity and the energy. Gather a couple of friends with some iced tea and a blanket, and catch up, or meditate. 

Reinvigorate and update your altar. The mid-year point is a great time to recalibrate your physical spaces to align with your seasonal needs. Does your altar need sprucing to better enhance your spiritual practice? What spiritual tools are needed at this time to complement the changes you've made practically and magically since the year began?

Check out what other people's—and your own ancestry—takes on the Solstice. If you are a total research nerd like me, looking up what your ancestors did during certain seasons is a fun pursuit. Find out what your ancestor's thoughts about the sun were/are, or simply find a good podcast episode on the Solstice.
Ahem, I've got one that you'll love ;)