Supermoon in Pisces: Stardust and Structures

Supermoon in Pisces: Stardust and Structures

"Give me, oh earth, pure unmingling
clay for the jug of tears;
my essence, pour forth the weeping
which is lost in you here.
In the well-made vessel,
that restraint dissolves itself.
Only the nowhere is evil,
all being suits itself."
-Rainer Maria Rilke, October, 1924

This coming Saturday, August 29th at 11:35 PST we celebrate a supermoon in Pisces. A "Supermoon" means that the full moon is the closest point in its orbit to the earth. It is in its perigee phase. Not only does it appear much larger, but it has a greater effect on the rise and fall of the ocean's tides. A supermoon is also when the sun, the earth, and the moon are aligned in their orbit. This upcoming full moon is the first of three supermoons.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, ruling the subconscious, spirit, dreams, psychic ability, creativity, and emotions. You might start feeling emotions come up as early as today. Look to your emotions as your guidepost in what is both working and not working for you right now. Sit with neither judgement nor let them overtake you, just observe. To paraphrase Ram Dass, stand on the bridge and watch yourself go by. Note any truths that pass into your consciousness.

Pisces are sometimes known as escapists; numbing themselves through dreams, drugs, or drink. Be sure to invoke clarity as much as possible this weekend. Take a walk and breath in the clouds. You may wish to involve yourself in longer meditations, group meditations, trance work, dance work, body and movement activities, and playing or listening to music.

The two fish that symbolize the sign lie at the end of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The myth is they saved Aphrodite and her son Eros from a horrible monster. They were shimmeringly selfless and brave, helping others. Pisceans often use their visionary talents to help larger masses of people. They know inherently there is no difference between them and we. It is only and all us. How are your greatest dreams connected to the whole?

Pisces is also the oldest sign of the zodiac, deeply connected to death and endings. We can use the energy of this flow to release what isn't serving us.

What has run its course in your life?
What do you need to do to finish what is over and open up to
new beginnings?

Providing the base of this full moon is Virgo. As I spoke about earlier this week we are firmly in Virgo season, with the planet Jupiter also in Virgo for the next year. If the ask here is to tune into your emotional needs, dreams, and desires, then Virgo provides us with the practical power to make this happen. Virgo is not afraid of the mundane. There is beauty in the details. She revels in organization and cleaning. There is a very potent opportunity to integrate your dreams with practical matters.

Luckily for us this full moon is also falling on a Saturday: ruled by Saturn, the karmic giver of manifestation and form. This planet is our inner voice, our path, and helps us with discipline and hard work. Saturn rules both our feet chakras (Pisces) and our crown. Connect your feet with the earth (Virgo) as much as possible. Visualize the work as a process and enjoy it.


Your feet are your physical connection to this planet.

Touch the earth directly with your bare feet.
Let the Earth energy circulate
from your feet to your head
and back again.
—Yoko Ono

I challenge you to take a cleanse. From mindless interferences and disruptions in your life. The habits to pick up the cell phone, open the fridge, check back on that on-line sale.

I challenge you to take time for yourself, your spiritual pursuits and your creativity on this day or days. What if you turned your phone off, hid it under a seashell in a corner of your room, and instead of peering into the glowing screen, buried your head in a flower?

What if you took the time to draw, sing, write down your inner visions, tie them to a balloon, and watch them float away like a happy parent?

Suggested Ritual For the Pisces Full Moon

White or yellow candle (for Spirit or will)

Indigo, black, or brown candle (for Saturn)

Lavender or pastel colored candle (for Pisces)

Crystals that resonate with you or: obsidian, amber, lapis lazuli, serpentine, citrine, quartz, smoky quartz


rose or other lovely smelling flower

Water or anointing oil (or a favorite scent)

Set up your altar, with your lavender candle on the left, your darker candle on the right, and your

white or yellow candle behind as the point of the triangle.

Cast your circle.

Smell your flower, meditate with it. open your senses.

Anoint your brow and wrists with water or oil.

Spend time writing down your visions, your dreams, your goals. Take as long as you would like. If any words spring up, perhaps you want to carve that into your lavender candle.

Perhaps you read that out loud.

Slide your paper under the candle, anoint and light that candle.

Spend time writing down what form your dreams would actually take. Would it result in new work, friends, a move, or debt paid off? Write it down. Perhaps you read that out loud in the present tense. You may want to carve a word into your Saturn candle. Slide the paper under the candle, anoint and light the candle.

Next, make an offering to your spirit or will candle. Write about what you would need to sacrifice, or the some of the steps you would need to take to bring your dreams into fruition. Any goddesses, fairies, or other spirits may be invoked here. Ask them for their help. Anoint and light that candle, and burn the paper with the candle.

Take however long you need with your candles and altar. When you are finished, take down your circle and snuff your candles. You may wish to take a few smaller crystals to put under your pillow when you sleep that night.