Healing from White Supremacy In The Age Of Revolution Online Workshop

Healing from White Supremacy In The Age Of Revolution Online Workshop


How is healing and anti-racism work connected? How can you identify your implicit biases, and how can you transform them?

Modern Women is honored to host anti-racist educators Suzy & Sydnee for their upcoming online workshop on Saturday, August 15th 12:00 – 2:00 pm PST. This online workshop is hosted by Modern Women (who will also be attending). All proceeds go directly to facilitators Suzy & Sydnee.

In this workshop, participants will use journaling, meditation, and witnessing to investigate, explore, and work to heal from the impacts of white supremacy in their lives.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Engage in personal reflection through various mediums to develop a deeper understanding of their implicit biases
• Explore their role in anti-racism through the context of their various social identities
• Identify barriers to their own anti-racism
• Begin to build a personalized toolbox for sustainability in anti-racism work
• Leave with prompts for ongoing reflection and accountability

We invite you to bring your full selves with all of your curiosities. We will hold space to address questions and reflections that arise.

All participants will receive a video replay by EOD Tuesday, August 17th or the morning of Wednesday, August 18th.

Learn more about your hosts:
Suzy Fauria, LMSW is a justice-driven conduit for change with seven years of experience in education, trauma therapy, and intimate partner violence prevention. Currently working as a Program Coordinator and therapist at STEPS to End Family Violence, she serves children and adolescents with the goal to return to peace through restoring human relationships and recovering from ideological and institutional oppression. She holds a B.S in Psychology from University of Oregon and an M.S.W. from NYU Silver School of Social Work. Follow Suzy on IG: @wellness_dialogues

Sydnee R Corriders, LMSW is a freelance Racial Equity Consultant and therapist living in Brooklyn, NY. Sydnee is healing-centered and operates from an intersectional lens grounded in the naming and resistance of systems like white supremacy and anti-Black racism. She has experience in community organizing, curriculum development, coaching, consultation and partnership, and the facilitation of dialogues, workshops, and affinity group spaces. Learn more about Sydnee’s work and offerings by clicking here and here. Find Sydnee in her roles at:

Racial Equity Consultant & Facilitator I SRCorriders, LLC
Clinical Supervisor I RAPP I STEPS to End Family Violence
Adjunct Lecturer I Columbia School of Social Work


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