Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress

How do we track progress, when it might not be external, tangible, easy to notice? When we work so hard to deprogram, unlearn, and grow?

I'm going to share 2 ways you can consciously utilize with below.

For the 2019 Many Moons Lunar Planner April New Moon Tarot spread/suggested activity, I've encouraged folks to bring out their Card of the Year, and pair it with THE Cards of the Year (the Empress & the Hanged One), plus the Fool, card 0—to add an element of wonder and opening to the cards.

Why? Because when we revisit archetypes, new insights will pop up. The way we relate to these archetypes changes. It is in noticing and naming those new relationships that we can mark our internal transformation. New relationships and insights mark our evolution. They mark our progress.
Maybe we understand certain ways of being that were hard for us before.

Maybe aspects of an archetype that repulsed us now intrigues us, when we see how that repulsion might mirror the way we feel about ourselves, deep down.

You can do this any year with the applicable cards or with any Tarot archetype that inspires you similarly.

When we take the time to check-in on tools or archetypes we've chosen to act as anchors, our progress is made clear. We can note where we are with certain archetypes we have committed to working with. In your case, it might be a Tarot card.

Maybe, your idea of the Empress or the Card or Cards of the Year has gotten deeper as you've integrated their teachings into your life. Maybe, the very choice of caring engagement with an archetype has broadened and widened your understanding of yourself, your patterns, and your desires.

That is an opening, and that is progress.

But it also might be a concept, such as "receiving" or "softening", that you have been working on since the beginning of the year, or for the last great while. What has evolved within in you, around some of your internal goals?

Sometimes, it is hard to recognize when we've done away with something. For example, if cutting out negative self-talk has been working, there's a good chance you are not negative self-talking as much, so it is hard to miss something that isn't there!

In cases like that, affirm how much you've changed.

Track the progress by noticing our new behaviors against past situations that might, in some cases, trigger us or derail us.

I will frequently do this to affirm how far I've come. For example, old me might be freaking the freak out for 2 days over something. New me freaks the freak out for 2 HOURS or something. Is that progress, or is that progress?

We have to track progress with smaller measures. We don't go from freaking out for 2 days to never freaking out, ever, in a month. Or a year. Or maybe even longer!

SO, here's an actionable item for you:

Check-in on the archetypes you've consciously been working with.
Check-in on some internal behaviors you've been working on shifting.

How have things grown or evolved?

Acknowledge how far you've come.
Give yourself credit and celebrate.
Even if you've slipped up a few times, or if unexpected grief or fear has popped up.
ESPECIALLY if you've slipped up a few times and continued on, and ESPECIALLY if unexpected grief or fear has popped up, and you moved through them to the other side of still trying!

Maybe bring your celebrations out into the open: share with a loved one. Your pet. Your plants. Have a growth-sharing hang-out!

Maybe bake yourself some brownies or write down everything that is changing for you.

Give yourself some positive feedback and celebrate how far you've gone.