Updates, Apologies, and Addendums

Updates, Apologies, and Addendums

Photo credit: The Radder

As of tomorrow, the first edition of the Many Moons Volume 2 Workbook will be sold out. I am so thankful for all of the interest. I truly hope this tiny publication enhances, helps, or inspires you in some small way.

I want to deeply apologize for a typo in this edition. In the contributors' bio's in the back of the book, Diego Basdeo's last name is incorrect. It is correct in the table of contents and in his enlightening and informative essay on "Moon Phases in the Chart." I was incredibly excited include Diego's work in this publication; he is an very intelligent writer and an expert on all things astrological and Moon.

There will most likely always be typos or other self-publishing-related errors in  anything I will put out, regardless of whether or not I hire a copyeditor or other people to look over, which in this edition, I did. These errors come as a result of writing, editing, and designing one publication all by myself on top of working very full-time hours, on a very tight deadline.

Misspelling names however is very disappointing as well as potentially hurtful. Names are important. They are a symbol for our work, our research, and our contributions. I deeply and sincerely apologize to Diego. If anyone in his community has been offended, outraged, or saddened by this mistake, then I apologize to you as well, and take full responsibility for this. Please know this was  not intentional in any way, shape, or form.

As soon as I realized this error I corrected it by halting production and correcting the typo. Any forthcoming books will have all of the correct info in it. Many thanks to Diego for his contributions, insights in this publication, as well as his understanding of a crappy situation.