Waning Moon Magic

Waning Moon Magic

As I write this, we are just past the last quarter phase of this July moon, heading into what is officially known to farmers, weatherpeople, witches, and astronauts alike as the waning moon phase. This is one of my favorite phases to do magic and set intentions with, though it is not always the most pleasant or easiest. It is very simple (for most), to work the wishful thinking power of the waxing and full moon, and the bright promise, reset, and refresh of the new moon. In my opinion, concerted efforts made during the waning moon bring about real change in
our lives.

In the sky, the moon has moved nearly entirely around in its orbit of Earth, as measured from one new moon to the next.Because the moon is nearly on a line with the Earth and sun again, the day hemisphere of the moon is facing mostly away from us once more, and we don't always see this moon as easily, as say, a
full moon. This phase lasts approximately 14 days.

The waning moon represents the crone, wise beyond her years and extremely powerful.This is a great time to do a lot of unglamorous, behind the scenes work in the fairy dust of our lives. It is a great time to get rid of things, both physical and relationship-oriented. Go through your closets and make a goodwill drop-off. Organize, deep clean, make those doctor's appointments. Tie up the loose-ends. Reevaluate the relationships in your lives and how they make you feel. Is there anything there you need to correct, anyone you need to adjust your boundaries or expectations on? Maybe you just simply need to let go of certain bad thought patterns that are harming. Be gentle with yourself and get clear on what needs to get kicked to the curb. We only get one life in our weird, wonderful bodies, why don't you treat yourself like you deserve to be treated?

It is about wading through the muck of the mud, before we get to the lotus blossom petals of the dreams and peace of our desires.

This is great time to go on a detox or a cleanse. Do you need to stop drinking or staying up so late? Would now be a good time to focus on your eating habits, or cut out one bad habit? Do it! The waning moon is about getting things in order that are not in order.

Magically, this is a great time for banishing spells. Debt, breaking bad patterns, letting toxic people or work situations easily move out of your life—do a ritual about it! Burn those pieces of paper, ask Saturn for help with this. Surround yourself with apache tears, rose quartz, rhodolite, obsidian, tourmaline, and desert rose stone to help you with their healing energy. Drink chamomile tea to soothe your nerves.

Below is an exercise for the waning moon.

Tools: notepad, writing utensil, any tarot cards or oracle cards if you want them

In a calm, quiet place and state of mind, get out your pad / journal and pen.
Focus on a limiting thought you have about yourself. (For example, "I can't make money", or "I'm not good at things", etc. etc.)
Write it down.
Write every single other thought or sentence that surrounds that thought (i.e. "No one taught me about making money", "capitalism is hell", "rich people are bad", etc. etc.)
Keep going and going. Seriously, every single thought or sentence that comes out about your negative thought pattern, and how it relates to how you think of yourself.
When you have finished, next to that sentence (or on another sheet of paper if there is no room), write the opposite of that thought. (For example: "I am fantastic at making money", "I am learning about making money and seeking mentors", "Money-making mentors are attracted to me", "capitalism is not a structure I agree with, however I adeptly find a way to exist in it, and help others doing so in an honest and authentic way", etc. etc. etc.) If there are people need to forgive, write that down. If you need to forgive yourself, work on that. (I have many suggestions on that, yet that is a topic for another entry!)

If you have an oracle or tarot deck, you might want to ask the deck: What do I need to focus on for healing this issue? What archetype must I embody? And pull a card to further meditate on and get more answers from.

Afterwords, you may want to keep this paper or burn it. You may want to do this every day during the waning moon, about the same issue, or about other issues. Look around in your world and think about behaviors you can adopt to follow through with your new intentions.

Thank you and happy waning moon!