Waxing Moon Magic: August

Waxing Moon Magic: August

Dear human,

Do you feel the energy happening around you right now? Of hope, healing, confidence, and  just getting stuff done in general? We've just moved into Virgo season: the exacting, precise, workhorse of the zodiac. Virgo gets it done fast and gets it done right. She cares about her health and looking after her surroundings. This meticulous, visionary sign thinks about the overall good of all humanity and possesses the intellect as well as the patience to truly bring those lofty dreams into reality. Jupiter moved into Virgo on August 11th, and will be there for the next year. Now is the time to focus on your health and nutrition regimes, any marketing/pr/writing plans (Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo), and general organization. We can really harness our discipline and TCB!

Right now we are in the waxing moon phase of the moon.

Do your rituals and spells for attraction, magnetizing, building, and ladder climbing. This is a great time for money magic and health spells. Practically, you will want to network, send your resume out, start writing that book/screenplay/okcupid profile/tweeting at those people you want to meet, etc. I tell people in my workshops that this is the time to put the pedal to the metal and go for it.

Likewise, think about new healthy habits you can introduce into your life, slowly but surely. What are ways that make meditating/working out/getting more sleep easier? Is it an app, like Headspace, or downloading some guided meditations? I signed up for Classpass this month and it is helping me be accountable for early morning workouts, thus making me more active and getting me out of bed in the morning. (Neither one are my strong suit.)

Think about what you were working on nurturing this last new moon, about two weeks ago. What issues were arising for you, and how have you addressed those issues? In a wonderful workshop I gave at Homestead Apothecary this month, I talked about stepping into your own desired self, and imagining what it would take to do so. Now is the time to do that scary, vulnerable thing—this business of showing others who we really are. The business of showing ourselves what we truly possess. Take a risk, reach out. Cross those lingering items off that cosmic to-do list. This week is that time. Reach for what you can't not.

The moon is in Capricorn and then Aquarius, respectively, these next three days. Focus on work, service, structures, visions, and those around you who help you build your reality out of the clouds, and help you to see the clarity in your reality. Anyone who doesn't support your healthful growth can fade away.

This coming Friday, August 29th, is a supermoon in Pisces, a most lovely and creative aspect for our reflecting satellite to reside in. I will talk more about this moon, as well as a suggested ritual for it, in a post in a couple of days.