What To Turn Towards Tarot Spread

What To Turn Towards Tarot Spread

This month’s theme in the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner is "Turning" — you may find yourself at a crossroads, the shadows illuminated by this Eclipse season cannot be unseen.

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What To Turn Towards Tarot Spread by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener


Tarot Card 1. What part of me must I birth? 

Tarot Card 2. What pattern or phase is dissolving, never to return?

Tarot Card 3. What contracts must I consciously break this month?

Tarot Card 4. Where is my fear coming from?

Tarot Card 5. What is the perspective or new mindset I must adopt?

Tarot Card 6. What can I turn to for support?


This Tarot spread is a response to any illuminations that came up last month, October 2022.
It will help you inquire and integrate any shifts or changes you feel ready to make.
As always, use your imagination with your interpretations.
As always, put your focus on what you DO want, instead of what you don't.