Your Waning Moon Correspondences List

Your Waning Moon Correspondences List

The Waning Moon can resonate with the harder feels. It is my favorite time of the lunar cycle. The time of turning inward, a time of quietude, a time of absorbing the inspiration that comes from sitting in the silence. Personally, the Waning Moon is a very productive time for me—traditionally, it was called the time of the second harvest (you can interpret that as metaphorically and as poetically as you wish).

One thing that helps us move through our own lunar cycles is building a correspondences list. In my upcoming online class, I'll be encouraging all my lovely students to tune in and create their own correspondences list for each lunar phase.

A correspondences list is awesome because it gives us our own individual framework and toolkit for our process, our magic, our life.

Below is an example of my own Dark Moon correspondences collage.


Herstorically, witches, wizards and magical practitioners would build a correspondences list to aid them in their practices. They would note herbs, crystals, colors for different spells, astrological transits, rituals and more. There are many books out there on this topic. If you happen to have a book of spells, many of the of suggested ingredients is actually a correspondences list.

Traditionally, correspondences tended to be physical or exist in the collective consciousness. Colors, crystals, deities and goddesses, herbs, elements, and animals were all usually part of one's list. Gathering those materials, and building your own witch's cabinet, was part of the process of casting a spell. Now that we are in anything-goes-modern-times, we can create our own lists based on our own experiences and intuitive inclinations.

These lists can consist of actions, emotions, songs, affirmations, Tarot cards, and shapes. They could exist as poems, as a pattern you try to create with your body, with your breath. Some of your correspondences could be used as a way to move stuck energy. One of my Waning Moon corresponding actions is to clean out a cabinet, a closet or a room. In fact, as you read this, I am probably on the way to the donation center with some items!

If this is an interesting concept, feel free to make your own, personal correspondences list, starting at this Waning Moon/Dark Moon time.

What colors, albums, tastes, movements, smells connect you to the way you feel when the Moon has turned away from the sun? Conversely, what way do you WANT to feel at this time? If you do feel blah-blah, maybe you need to wear red or do a dance holding onto some carnelian or sunstone. There are various ways to work with correspondences.

We'll be going deeper into correspondences in my upcoming Moonbeaming class—you can learn more here and you can sign up for the online workshop here.