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Protection Power Magic Candle

Protection Power Magic Candle

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Protect and secure your energetic field and spiritual home with this Protection Power Candle by Moon Studio. This candle promotes autonomous energy, confidence, protection, and grounding. Transmute energy, regulate your energetic systems, and neutralize anxiety and self-doubt as the flame flickers.

The Protection Power Magic Candle will help clear, uncord, and maintain your energetic hygiene. The Protection Power Magic Candle will help you assert your energetic boundaries and feel more secure in your body. 

This is an excellent support tool for highly sensitive people, those working in the service industry/around lots of different people, those working with boundary magic, clearing rituals, and energetic transformation of all kinds.

A perfect companion to spellwork surrounding cord-cutting, energetic restoration, grounding, building energy grids, and releasing negative patterns. Illuminates the energetic forces of protection to all spell work and works well with black tourmaline, selenite, and our Protection Power Oil.

Loved & watched over
Safety is here
Secure and shielded 
I am home
My path is clear 

Candle Details: 16oz; 8-inch recyclable glass holder. Made in the USA with soy wax. Approximate burn time of 160 hours.

Please note: Burn the Protection Power Magic Candle within sight and never leave a lit flame unattended. Keep the Protection Power Magic Candle away from anything flammable and keep the Protection Power Magic Candle away from children and pets.

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