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Honoring The Dark Moon Online Workshop Download

Honoring The Dark Moon Online Workshop Download

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In this online workshop download, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener discusses ways to view and collaborate with this misunderstood phase of the moon. Gather with your intuition, your wildness, and your mystery in the Dark Moontime of your life.

The Dark Moon is a powerful archetype of the liminal. A site of rage, grief, transmutation, and alchemy, we reside here to prepare for the next rebirthing process. The Dark Moon is an energy to work with to facilitate grief work, transformation, soul retrieval. The Dark Moon correlates with rage, kink, queerness, the misunderstood, and the misaligned.

This online workshop download* includes a variety of content that is yours to keep forever. There is a two-hour lecture where Sarah shares:

What the Dark Moon is
How we can collaborate with this energy
Dark Moon deities and mythologies
Dark Moon Tarot sequences
Dark Moon Tarot cards
The magic of 3 and how to find your “Dark Moon 3”

You also receive:
a 30-minute Dark Moon guided meditation
a 8-page pdf with more content, prompts, Tarot pulls, and other resources!

This online workshop download was created for those bravely healing from trauma.
For those still thawing out from 2020, or the years before it.
For those of us ready to reclaim our lives in new ways, other people’s opinions be damned.
This is for those who want context for why they feel so uncomfortable during their spiritual awakening, who need to make closure around something important in order to move on, and who are exploring—or ready to explore!—their unconscious, wilder, or weirder aspects.

If you can’t get enough of magic, the moon, Tarot, and myth, then you’ll enjoy this as well. ;)

Content warning: this lecture does discuss trauma and more challenging topics. This online workshop download does not replace medical or psychological support.

*Please note that this is an expanded version of an online workshop Sarah taught live in 2020 and 2021. If you already attended one of those, then you’ve already received the majority of this information, but this iteration is more expansive.

By purchasing this workshop download, you are confirming you are of sound spirit and mind. You understand that what you put into this self-directed study is what you get out of it. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment.

By purchasing this workshop download, you acknowledge that the Moon Studio is not responsible for any technical difficulties that could potentially occur while downloading your purchase to your device.

There are no refunds on any Moon Studio products, including digital downloads.  

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