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Clear Channels September 2023 Online Workshop Series

Clear Channels September 2023 Online Workshop Series

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Clear Channels:
Use Your Gifts to
Connect to Community
Find Your People
Make Your Art
Share Your Voice & Vision with the World

People have been asking us to create business classes for years, and here it is. For the first time, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is going to share everything she knows about sharing work from the heart and sharing it publicly. This is not your average, copy-and-pasted bro zone scammy marketing class. This is an offering that centers you. Your work. Your voice. Your creativity. Your unique channel.

Do you see clients, teach classes, or want to grow your own business?
Does the thought of sharing about your work fill you with overwhelm or fear?

If so, this online workshop series is for you.

It takes all the ick out of promoting and marketing your work.
Because we focus on what is most important: what is interesting to you, what you are naturally talented at, and how you see the world.

The Clear Channels Online Workshop Series is all about creating the work that is yours to create and sharing it with the world. There will be an emphasis on connecting with folks through your own platforms, off of social media. This includes newsletters, websites, and podcasts, as well as finding collaborators in real life.
If you’ve been feeling ready to get serious about creating work publicly on channels you own, this offering is for you. (Because, seriously, screw social media!)

If you are ready to share your words, thoughts, and art with the world, but need some guidance and support, this offering is for you.

This workshop series will be held over one weekend, with follow-ups throughout the month. Live attendance is strongly encouraged.

This online workshop series takes place on September 9th and September 10th from 10 am to 4 pm PT, with a short break each day. This session includes 4 additional accountability gatherings to be announced in class. Please note that those who cannot make the live gatherings will get a link to a replay within 24 - 48 hours of each session but live attendance is strongly encouraged.

Scholarships are available for our Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, and AAPI community members. Click here to learn more. 

Workshop Overview:

Day 1: Connection & Clarity

Day 1 is where we will get focused on what your heart and spirit most want to create.

Students will:
Connect to Your Center
Learn How to Channel
Clarify Your Creations
Vision a World that thrives around your creativity and intuition

By the end of day 1, you will have spent hours getting connected and centered. You will dream, vision, and get inspired. You will define who you are as a creator, dive into what you want to create, what you are interested in communicating, and why it matters. You will define your boundaries around what feels good to share, and what does not.

You’ll channel colors, symbols, and words: the building blocks of the symbolic language of your creativity.

You’ll clear out blocks, brainstorm, and practice sharing with some new friends in break-out groups.

You’ll name some of your shadows and will brainstorm antidotes when you get stuck.
Day 1 is where you show up.
By leading with your intuition, desires, interests, and values, new worlds will begin to take shape.

Day 2: Clear Containers

Day 2 is about putting all that channeled genius into clear containers.

Participants will:
Pick at least one platform to share on besides sm
Figure out how you’d like to share
Pick a publishing schedule
Brainstorm at least a month’s worth of shares

Day 2 is where Sarah is going to share everything she knows about sharing work on channels that are yours. Create your own algorithm. Figure out what containers feel best for you. Is it a newsletter? A podcast? Pitching yourself to other outlets? Teaching at your local yoga studio?
This is where you get to tune in to how and where you’ll be sharing your work.

Sarah will share ways to get started, and how to keep momentum. 

By the end of day 2, you’ll have loads of ideas and will have created at least one channel of your own. You’ll have a plan. You’ll feel excited and ready to share your unique voice with the world.

Participants will learn:
How to get started
How to create a strategy that fits your capacity
Pros and cons of different platforms
What makes the most sense, platform-wise
How to create shares that stem from joy, creativity, and your center
What to do when you feel unmotivated
How to use social media to bring folks over to your channels

You’ll also receive cheat sheets, worksheets, and suggested editorial calendars to help structure your shares.

During both days you’ll have time to work: to brainstorm, vision, dream, and plot out where you’d like to go. In addition, there will be unrecorded time after the gathering for you to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, and create! In addition, we'll hold a follow-up session a week later for folks to ask more questions, and have time to create more shares. 

    Please note...

    • If you are deaf or hard of hearing and require assistance (live closed-captioning, transcripts, etc.,): please let the studio know before 8/25 at 10 am PT so we can ensure we can get you everything you'll need for the series.
    • One attendee per purchase/enrollment. If you are buying this series as a gift, please input the recipient’s email address during checkout so they can receive the course materials and communication.
    • Enrollment for Clear Channels ends Thursday, 9/7 at 5 pm PT, or as soon as it sells out.
    • A welcome email will be sent to students by 9/8 at 6 pm PT.
    • Upon enrollment, students will receive a PDF download with the guidelines and ZOOM info.
    • The workshop series materials are yours to keep forever. You will have a limited time after the last online gathering to download them.
    • Please review Moon Studio's Studio Policies and Privacy Policy pages before you enroll. By signing up for this online workshop series, you agree to the terms and conditions listed on this website and on this page. As always, Moon Studio does not offer order cancellations, refunds, or returns. By enrolling in this online course, you agree to the offering's guidelines and community policies.
    • By signing up for this online workshop series, you are confirming you are of sound spirit and mind. You understand that what you put into this offering is what you get out of it. You take responsibility for any results that take place as a result of your investment. 

    This offering is for you if:

    • You are ready to center your creativity and unique voice in 2023
    • You are ready to take imperfect, aligned action
    • You realize that organic growth takes time and you have patience
    • You are open to trusting your intuition and know what kinds of creations you'd like to offer the world or get paid for
    • You are ready to build new habits and systems around sharing your work with the world
    • You are ready to start a blog, newsletter, or podcast
    • You feel ok about contributing to our time together through break-out groups and sharing with the group

    This offering is not for you if:

    • You do not want to confront your fears and take aligned, imperfect action
    • You do not want to put the time and energy aside to share your work with the world
    • You love to compare your work to others, steal or rip off other people’s work, or use templates so that your work will look like everyone else’s
    • You will never follow through on what is presented in this workshop
    • You are not ready to make behavioral shifts and changes in your life


    About Your Teacher:

    Sarah Faith Gottesdiener has grown a 6 figure business organically, primarily through word of mouth. (There’s been no investors, no loans, and no marketing budget.) Through channeling the messages and gifts that are hers to offer, Sarah has helped thousands of people transform their lives. The Moon Studio, a business that supports spiritual seekers and creatives through spiritual tools, educational resources, and ethically made products, has been sustained for over 7 years. Sarah has worked for herself for over 11 years. She has experience as a college professor, a professional medium and psychic, a graphic designer at a global, infamous, brand, and a waitress, working her way through college at T.G.I.Friday’s.

    Last year, 60% of Moon Studio’s sales came from her own platforms, not social media.
    This includes the Moon Studio’s wildly popular spiritual guide Many Moons, their weekly newsletter with a 60% open rate, and their online store. Sarah’s podcast, Moonbeaming, has reached one million downloads and is supported by a robust and wonderful community of patrons. Her iconic designs have been seen on television, in design magazines, and most likely, on someone next to you on the subway/street/cafe. The Moon Book, published in 2020 has sold over 20,000 copies and has been published in multiple languages.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is this geared toward artists or business owners? Do I have to have a lot of experience?
    This is meant for anyone who wants to begin sharing their art, voice, skills, and gifts with the world through channels they own. There will be some discussion about paid offerings and products, which might be useful. This will also be good for you if you’ve been a practitioner for a while but need a reset/reframe/refresh. If you are in a transitional period and want the time to clarify and plan more, this workshop will work beautifully for you, as well.

    What if I can’t make the live session? Should I still sign up?
    If you can catch up between getting the recordings and the question-and-answer gatherings, yes! Or, if you are a self-starter, and know you will do all the exercises and be able to take bold, imperfect action over the next few months, please do.

    How much extra time will I need outside of this workshop to get started?
    This depends on where you are.
    The time it takes to set up newsletters, websites, or podcasts can fluctuate wildly.
    We will touch upon time management on Day 2.
    The goal is to set up a system that works for you.

    Do you offer scholarships?
    Yes! Click here to learn more. The Moon Studio always offers a limited amount of scholarships for our Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Color, and AAPI community members. They are first come, first served. Once they are gone, they are gone.
    We also offer generous, early-bird discounts to our Magic Maker level Patreon members and former students.
    The Moon Studio online store also offers Shop Pay for deferred payments. 

    What if I don’t like this? Can I get a refund?
    There are no refunds for any of our products.
    We do everything in our power to explain what you will receive and how you will receive it.
    We always suggest you listen to Moonbeaming, Sarah's podcast, to see if you resonate with your teacher, purchase a download, and subscribe to the Moonbeaming newsletter.

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