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How To Make A Decision: Decision Magic Online Workshop Download

How To Make A Decision: Decision Magic Online Workshop Download

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Been putting off making a big change or two?
Not sure how you know what is a yes, and what is anxiety?

If you need to strengthen your confidence, and if you are tired of complaining and feeling like your time is not your own: the Decision Magic Online Workshop Download is here to help.

Decision magic is when we decide, determine, and devote ourselves to a positive, forward path. 

In this interactive workshop download, you will learn ways to use your body to feel into what feels best, how to deal with anxiety, and reverse engineer the kind of outcome you’d prefer.

You will practice both the intuitive and the practical in order to provide structures and support for whatever it is you are ready to try.  You will pick at least one question you’ve been mulling over, and you will make a decision about it.

Alongside these practical applications, Sarah shares the frameworks she used to change her own life, create better habits, and build stronger self-esteem.

Commit to a new way forward with the lessons and one-of-a-kind insights inside this workshop download. This workshop download includes the video recording of the 2-hour-long online workshop—including a guided meditation—and the live session's chat history.

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