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Green Moonstone Palm Stone For Balance & Divine Timing

Green Moonstone Palm Stone For Balance & Divine Timing

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Green moonstone is an ally in harmony, humanifestation, and heart-healing. According to some Hindu mythology, moonstone was believed to be made of solidified moonbeams. Like the Moon, green moonstone offers a variety of support, amplifies positive energy, and aids in connecting to divine timing. Green moonstone is particularly effective in all matters of abundance.

Energetic Properties & Uses of green moonstone: self-discovery, emotional balance and harmony, humanifestation, aura clearing, energy support, heart-healing, connection to divine timing.

Some green moonstone affirmations are: 

  • I am grounded and balanced.
  • I trust in divine timing.
  • I embody all that I am ready to receive.

Mineral Background: Feldspar
Origin: sourced from Madagascar
Suggested Care: Do not get wet. 6 - 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Please note
: crystals will vary slightly in size and appearance from those photographed as they are all one-of-a-kind. The Moon Studio's green moonstone is approximately 2.5”x2” and weighs approximately 3oz. Each crystal is chosen especially for you: we cannot accept requests for specific stones and what you receive may differ from the crystals shown. Please shop responsibly! 

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