10 Ways To Work With Many Moons

10 Ways To Work With Many Moons

The cult-classic Many Moons has offered thousands of people, year-after-year endless guidance and support as they set and achieve their goals. Many Moons is a guide, a resource, and a portal: It is a space for you to locate yourself and empower yourself. Through reflections, prompts, practices, spells, and consistent guidance, it’s designed to be a support system throughout the year and beyond.

Many Moons will help you keep track of your periods, moods, and yes — your schedule. It has every astrology transit, lunation of the year, observed holidays, and ample room to write, plan, dream, and scheme. It makes self-knowledge easy and planning simple. If you use it, it will help your dreams come true.

So, how do you use Many Moons? There are countless ways, but here are 10 ideas to get you started: 


How To Use The Many Moons Lunar Planner 


1. A way to make your dreams come true.
Writing down your dreams is the first step to making them come true. Every witch knows that spelling is a spell. It’s backed by studies, too: you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down*. Here at the Moon Studio, we like to take it even further! when you get your Many Moons, write down some of your dreams as if they are happening as concrete plans. Cast some spells inside the pages of this portable altar. Keep your dreams top of mind, in writing. Take action and watch them come true.


2. Moonmap your way to success.
Over the years, I have found that there is no better technology for manifestation than the Moon. Every time I feel stuck, scared, blocked, or simply want to level up, I use the process of moonmapping. I address my desires, dreams, and challenges from the inside and outside, internal and external.

Moon mapping is at the heart of Many Moons. When we moonmap—a process and spiritual strategy I invented—we are taking our whole self into account. We look at and reprogram our subconscious. We change our actions and behaviors. We work with the whole because our growth is holistic. Learn more about moonmapping here.


3. An accountability buddy.
People who share weekly accountability progress reports accomplish significantly more than those who do not*. It can feel intimidating or vulnerable to share your progress with another person: enter Many Moons. You are sharing with your Self!

For every day you meditate, take your meds, or stick to your goals, give yourself a gold star, a heart, or a smiley face. Then at the end of each month, (or week, or day) celebrate your progress! Over time, this celebration creates confidence. Consistency also leads to results. It’s a win-win: use it to achieve your goals, maintain your practice, and see how far you’ve come.


4. Know Thyself
Self-knowledge is power. Looking to track your energy, moods, or Moons? Need to figure out WTF your energetic and hormonal patterns are all about? The Many Moons Lunar Planner can help you do that and make sense of the patterns that emerge. Use keywords or symbols to touch base with your energy levels, emotions, and reactions. Track your period and take stock of your life away from the creepy eyes of tech overlords and their data collection.

Once you learn the overall patterns of your moods, Moons, and hormones, it becomes so much easier to not take them personally, or let them rule your days, and so much easier to tend to them. You get to know yourself, be aware of yourself, and care for yourself on a whole other level.

Using the Moon phases as an anchor to your phases? How cool and cosmic can you get?


5. Make! Magic!
Within the pages of the 2023 edition of Many Moons are TWENTY-SEVEN suggested spells, rituals, and prompts for communing with your magic. Whatever you need, we’ve got a spell for that. Or, a Tarot spread. Or, a mindfulness prompt. Alongside author Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, the selected contributors are artists, writers, witches, poets, astrologers, Tarot readers, actors, herbalists, and activists: magic makers who know all about taking risks and action in alignment with their dreams.

With over 7,500 other mystics, dreamers, and witches using Many Moons each year, it’s a collective spell.


6. A grounding tool for managing anxiety.
It’s a home to come back to. A place to share your thoughts and dreams: Many Moons is the ultimate grounding tool. It is a support system, a gentle yet firm coach, a mirror, and a channeled tool. When you engage with Many Moons, you get inventive, creative, interesting approaches to healing and upleveling your life. The framework Many Moons provides will help you distinguish between your anxiety and your intuition and will provide you with tools, prompts, and ideas to incorporate magical and practical approaches to managing your self-development and well-being. 


7. Your psychic BFF.
Much of Many Moon’s wisdom is channeled. Sarah Faith Gottesdiener is a psychic, and she tunes into the collective energies to interpret the most important messages everyone needs to hear. With monthly channeled wisdom and weekly reminders that seem to know what you need to hear right when you need to hear it, Many Moons is like having your own psychic BFF in your back pocket.


8. A project manager for all of your creative projects and art.
If you’re an artist, maker, writer, or the like—a creative person of any medium—traditional goal tracking and planning is not going to cut it. ​​The Many Moons Lunar Planner will bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself and your dreams through rituals for self-reflection, journaling prompts, and weekly encouragement that helps you to simplify your life. As creators ourselves, we want to offer you abundant tools for creative expansion. There is ample room to set, define, and track your creative goals. Record your process within the Planner’s pages and see how much progress you are actually making. Prioritize your needs, organize your project tasks, and avoid getting sidetracked in a supportive framework that is thoughtfully designed by a fellow artist.


9. Use it as a super affordable Witchcraft 101 course.
With insights, tips, techniques, spells, Tarot spreads, and rituals, from fourteen practitioners, Many Moons is the perfect tool to dip your toes (and hands) into the world of energy, magic, self-care, self-development, mindfulness, astrology, and more. The information is easy to digest and designed for you to create your own magical process around.

At a dollar a week, this is a super affordable, tangible way to practice and learn magic.


10. A beautiful planner.
Need a beautifully designed, simple way to keep track of your schedule?
Many Moons has every bank holiday in the United States and generous space in the monthly and weekly overviews so you can see everything that’s going on. There is plenty of room to write your schedule down and write your to-do lists. Sit down with it at the beginning of the month, and/or the beginning of each week, and get—and stay—organized year-round.

Don’t take our word for it, read some reviews from other happy Many Moons users.


Love your store and have had all planners since the beginning. Really appreciate the high level of work put into them. Nothing else like it out there (although others may try to commercialize it). You guys are special.” – Linda C.

What a great companion the Moon Planner has been during 2022! I absolutely love it and cherish it and can’t live without it anymore! :D” – Susana M.

For the past 2 years, I have been using the Many Moons Lunar Planner. The outline is intuitive, and I have used it to both keep track of what I am doing day-to-day, and also longer-term goals and projects throughout the year. The tarot pulls, and prompts for review of both the tarot and goals for the month, have been very powerful in reflections, learning, and personal development.

It helps me realize my accomplishments and growth, even in hard times. Framing each year with the collective and personal card of the year is something I keep coming back to when struggles or road bumps emerge- the bird's-eye view. The moment the 2021 planner became available, I immediately pre-ordered. Thank you to Sarah, and all of the contributors.” – Cher M. 

I am OBSESSED with my 2020 Lunar Planner. It has helped me to stick to my reflective, inner work of excavation and self-care, and also held me accountable to journaling and even more self-discovery.” – Danielle F.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into the Lunar Planner. I ordered my first one in 2020 and it is the only planner that I have ever used past the month of May.” – Michaela

Omg my 2020 planner just arrived and as I peel through it I’m welling up with tears because it’s SO PERFECT! I can’t emphasize enough how much having a guide helps! [...] Having this planner to gently nudge me to set time aside on certain days is all the help I need and the extra touches like spread suggestions and rituals make it all the more special. Thank you for the energy you put into this planner and for making it at all. I’m over the moon about it!”– Gali F.


*”​​Why Sharing Your Progress Makes You More Likely To Accomplish Your Goals” by Lisa Evans