Moonmapping: The Most Effective Way to Manifest

Moonmapping: The Most Effective Way to Manifest

If you're anything like me, you want the changes that you make to be a complete transformation: a healing from the inside out. You don’t want to be chasing the same desires, year after year. You want to heal wholly.

This requires reprogramming the lies that have taken root in your subconscious, stopping you from taking risks AND from giving yourself what you need. This requires the work of better boundaries.

You want to be in clear connection with your intuition, and your heart, because those parts are the parts that know the best path to a better future. You don’t want to get there by betraying your body. You don’t want to override your nervous system or constantly push, grind, or hustle. You want to be able to use your energy to its best ability.


There was certainly no technologies out there that encapsulated all of this when I was searching. Not in the Law of Attraction spiritual world and not in the cast a spell and set it and forget it worlds of the 90’s Pagan witch. And forget about reading anything about listening to your body and the Universe if you were reading self-help books from the psychology world ten years ago!

I couldn’t find what I needed, so I created it.

I did it by listening to, responding to, and following the phases of the Moon.


When we follow the rhythms of the Moon, we let our own rhythms lead. We aren’t trying to force anything, we aren’t trying to be anyone we’re not. This process is how we gain confidence, and find ourselves. It’s where we become brave enough to admit what we want, and honest enough to admit what our deepest fears are.

Over the years, I have found that there is no better technology of manifestation than the Moon. Every time I feel stuck, scared, blocked, or simply want to level up, I use the process of moonmapping and begin following the Moon. I address my desires, dreams, and challenges from the inside and outside, internal and external.

Moonifestation is about the process. Any kind of manifestation work is best supported with a framework of the practical and the magical, and that approaches our goals holistically. Enter moonmapping. When we moonmap—a process and spiritual strategy I invented—we are taking our whole self into account. We look at and reprogram our subconscious. We look at and reprogram our actions and behaviors. We work with the whole, because our growth is holistic. 

How can you moonmap? Well, it goes a little something like this...


How To Moonmap 

We start at the New Moon: we think about what we want. What do you feel inspired to do, try, heal, complete? The New Moon is a time for dreams, visions, and clarification.

The Waxing Moon is about bringing the etheric into the material. This is where we take symbolic actions. That’s what I call actions that relate directly to what it is we desire. An email that helps put a dream in motion. Learning a skill that will help us write that book make that Oracle deck create that podcast meet our next lover. It’s where we change our behaviors and where we focus on the external.

The Full Moon is a time for amplification, illumination, and celebration. It’s also the mid-point of our process. A lot comes to the surface at this time. What is blooming? What can be harvested? The Full Moon is where we insist on embodiment, no matter what. That looks like being. It also looks like being with: the pain, the fear, the joy, the vulnerability, the beauty.

During the Waning Moon, our energy shifts: it goes back to the roots, underground. We look at what’s happening behind the scenes: our subconscious, our organizational structures, our beliefs about what we want. This is the time for subconscious reprogramming around what we want. It’s also time to face our fears around what we want and our shadows related to it. It’s where we focus on the internal aspects of our desire.

The Dark Moon is where we rest, settle, or do what is needed to create new seeds. Dive deep and come out the other side. This is where we rebirth ourselves, from the core and through our core.

When I started practicing moonmapping around one or two desires at a time, the results blew my mind. Running a dream, a desire, or goal through each phase is eye-opening. It also accelerates a process like nothing else I've found. 

When we moonmap, we're in conversations with our current selves, the Universe, our goals and desires, and who we want to be. This conversation evolves into action and evolution through consistency, listening, and refinement. Tracking this progress with the support of reflection tools and spell makes our manifestations even more potent.

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