5 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate the Full Moon

Happy Full Moon, lovely Moonbeamers!
For many of us, myself included, this is the busiest, most stressful time of the year.

A common question that comes up during the workshops I teach is that of quick and easier ways to honor the Full Moon. Maybe you have to work that night, maybe you have children to care for. Maybe you are just stressed out, drained, and depleted. The thought of doing a ritual or exerting a lot of energy doing spell work just doesn't sound in line with your body or mind. Spell work and magic must always be fun, joyful, and something one looks forward to. Reserved for sacred space and focused intention. Not yet another obligation!

So how can we meaningfully connect with the Moon, ourselves, on a limited timeframe and/or energetic bandwidth?

Below are a few tips:

Go outside for a ten minutes tonight.
Don't bring your phone. Take deep breaths. Look at the Moon, if you can see her, and thank her for still being there. Thank yourself, for still being there, and here right now. Forgive yourself completely, let go of any judgements. If you can't see her due to fog or rain, stand outside, breathe, and see if any messages come to you. Any words, feelings or insights.

For the day of the Full Moon, practice an attitude of gratitude.
Start small and get bigger. In the days following the election, I needed to ground myself to the basics: drinking water, attempting to get enough sleep, remembering to take deep breaths periodically. Thanking the universe for giving me a roof over my head, hot food to eat, pretty mugs to sip tea or wine out of, soft pillows to rest on, the cutest boyfriend ever, incredible friends, my elderly dog who comes and licks my face no matter what, and the beautiful views of Los Angeles. In time, that list grew and grew: amazing people organizing and being activists, incredible art and culture happening currently and historically, all the wonderful people who support me professionally, being able to help others, the lighthouses of the world that I can access via the internet, like Roxane Gay or Shaun King.

Practice Shine Theory.
Shine Theory is the idea that we all benefit by promoting other amazing, strong, talented women. Here's a nice article about it by the wonderful writer Ann Friedman.

It is practiced by an awesome magazine "Got a Girl Crush" where they literally highlight incredible women and their accomplishments. In a world that has pitted us womxn-identified people against one another, why not try another tactic and instead of tearing another womxn down, try promoting the ones you appreciate, honor and love? Tomorrow, and whenever you feel like it, text another woman to tell her you love her. Make your compliment specific. Promote the accomplishments of others you admire, don't stop at jealousy or intimidation. Right now, I'm particularly in awe of the Women's Working Club , The Hell Yeah Group, and my landladies, the Women's Center for Creative Work.
There's so many more! Otherwild, Kimberly Drew, Gina Young, always and forever RuPaul and their podcast, and Hito Steyerl. Not to mention a ton of other powerhouse friends of mine that aren't particularly on the internet!

Why not then extend that shine theory practice to yourself tomorrow? Try it out, give yourself props instead of hating on yourself. Major points if this feels particularly uncomfortable.

Give yourself a gift.
Any gift. Maybe it is the gift of a hot shower, a hot cocoa, or a hot toddy. Maybe it is a new nail polish at the Rite Aid, the gift of turning your phone off, of throwing out that present your great aunt Hilda gave you four years ago that you've kept around for guilt's sake. Let yourself off the hook. Give yourself something tomorrow and call it a gift. Because anytime you give yourself something with intentionality  and love it is truly a present.

Use the Moon in one of the ways it was originally intended: as a timekeeper & moment of reflection on how far you've come.
For many ancient cultures and civilizations, the Moon was the original calendar. The month started on the New Moon.Holidays and celebrations synced up with the New and Full Moons. Seeds were planted, crops harvested at these times.  In your own life, look back at where you were last Full Moon, 6 months ago, a year ago. What has changed? What desires remain the same? Illuminate. Focus. Reflect.

One year ago, I was hurriedly sending the files for my first workbook to the printers. I made 60 copies originally—I thought if I sold out of that run I would be a raging success. The book was super rough, riddled with typos, mistakes, and really punk! Not one other person had laid their eyes on it before I sent it to press. It is one year later and my workbook has been out for 3 weeks, is considerably more polished, there are a minimum of typos etc., and I've printed thousands. I'm proud of my progress and I'm not forgetting where I came from.

I'm urging you do spend a moment today doing the same.

Where in your life have you made progress? Give yourself congratulations.

These are just a few tips to try out tomorrow. If you'd like a longer ritual, you can read my suggested ritual from Many Moons 2016, Vol 2.

January Moon method pilot program! If you live in LA and want to do a deep dive through one full moon phase with me, contact me! A small group of people will illuminate what they want, work through blocks, do exercises, read tarot cards, and create magic together.
This will be affordable and will include supplemental materials.
Contact: modernwomenprojects@gmail.com if interested.

Sending love and blessings to all!