7 Ways to Embody The Chariot

7 Ways to Embody The Chariot

Do you know which energies of the Chariot archetype you'll be calling in this year?

You may already be heeding the call — now is the time to step up in authentic ways for yourself and for your needs. The dust from last year may finally be settling for many of us: what's gone, what's still here, and what cannot be unseen are crystal clear.

The Chariot is about movement: 'tis literally represented as a mode of transportation. I've shared in the past how it can feel antithetical to this time of year to jump into action and sweeping resolutions: I am a big fan of seasonal resolutions instead.

Why not start with small steps?
Consider warming up your proverbial engine now.
There won’t be any rewards for procrastination or avoidance this year.
Accept where you are. Start small.
Stay consistent.
Track your progress.

Ultimately, creating change is supposed to make you more confident, able to trust yourself more, and feel more at home as you continue to initiate, and navigate, even more change.

The Chariot wants us to be as true to ourselves as possible.
Below are some ways to do just that.


7 Ways to Embody The Chariot

1. Become more disciplined. Where do you need to get disciplined? What is stopping you from being disciplined? Discipline requires devotion. Discipline can also be about letting go, surrender, and softness.

2. Keep it moving, part 1. Be able to discern what is part of a bigger pattern that needs addressing and what you can let go of or not take personally. It’s important this year to make progress, however you are going to define that. There was such a liminality and a limbo for the last few years, it could be hard to make decisions or figure out where to go, but it’s time. Move faster, make more mistakes, experiment, and notice what feels good. Move on, move along, there’s nothing to see here vibes all of 2023.
It’s not where you go, it’s how you move.

3. Keep it moving, part 2. This includes travel ,whenever possible. Go to a new park every week. Try different guided meditations. Learn new things, watch movies from other countries. Create new neuropathways through hypnosis, learning, exercise, and practicing new thoughts. Release your gifts to the world. Maybe you are energetically constipated because you haven’t shared your gifts with the world. Have you ever thought of that? What needs to move out of you: song? Story? Dance? Ideas? Cleanses and detoxes also move toxins out of your body and out of your sphere.

4. Become aligned. Become one with yourself, one within. Get aligned with pleasure. Alignment is a practice that will take you far this year. Mind/Body/Soul. Are you in alignment with your desires?

5. Reinvent. Your personality. Your style. Your career. Your mindset. It’s time to invent and reinvent. Who are you, now? Who do you want to be? No one is reinventing any wheels, but what’s your unique take on...well, anything you’d like? Necessity is the mother of invention: if you can’t find it, create it.

6. Make clarity a focus. Clarity equals simplicity, smaller steps, and returning to your values. Zoom in, zoom out, zoom in, zoom out.

7. Trust yourself even when it’s hard. Especially when it is hard. The obstacle is the way. Trust the process, while remembering that you can create the process or change the process if it is not working for you. Trust is not control. Self-confidence is often developed through adversity.
Confidence also comes from celebration and getting clear on what you are proud of yourself for.


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