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What Your Perfectionism Is Really Hiding

Perfectionism is one of the biggest blocks to any kind of creative practice, quality work, or self-love process. Read more to learn how to overcome perfectionism with 3 simple practices. 

7 Things To Remember For Our Chariot Year

Our Chariot Year moves forward with a quickening pace. Read more to learn the essentials of the Chariot Tarot archetype and how to use its magic.

Season Syncing: How To Make Seasonal Resolutions

Seasonal Syncs, aka seasonal resolutions, are a framework and practice that will help you attune to nature and invite in more ease, and yes, even more synchronicities. Making seasonal resolutions can help you achieve your goals and...

Does Your Inner Child Trust You?

Healing your inner child is imperative to your spellwork and to trusting yourself. Read more for some easy ways to tell if you’ve got an unintegrated inner child, and how to start tending to that...

7 Ways to Embody The Chariot

Do you know which energies of the Chariot archetype you'll be calling in? 2023 is all about transformation, change, and big moves. Learn how to embody the Tarot Card of the Year's magic. 

Why Is It So Hard To Rest?

The winter season reminds us of rest. This is a time to turn within and tend to our roots — nature, in the Northern Hemisphere, is nudging us towards rest. And yet, it's never been...

How To Source Yourself

What is one of the biggest mistakes creatives make? They do not source from themselves. Relying on energy sources outside ourselves to stay motivated or take action isn’t sustainable. We might not know what our authentic...

Creating Your Future Self: Manifestation Through Archetypes & Avatars

Creatives and witches know that symbols and signs are powerful tools to aid us in transformation. But what about becoming a different, emergent version of yourself using existing or imaginary archetypes and avatars?It’s a fun...

10 Lessons About Business, Creativity & Magic

It is possible to live a creative, value-led business that is profitable: I've been doing so for over a decade.You—and all magical folx—are an artist and it's time to live in that truth. Learn my 10 lessons...