How To Source Yourself

How To Source Yourself

What is one of the biggest mistakes creatives make? They do not source from themselves.

This starts energetically and extends to relationships, work, creative practices, and even the ways in which spirituality and magic are experienced.

Folks will base their nervous system regulation, self-worth, and the decisions they make on responses and attention from other people. This could be inaccurate: a projection, based on unhealed wounds.

This starts a pattern that is reactive and erratic. Our self-esteem is based on a text back, how many comments we receive on a social media post or acceptance from certain institutions. It’s exhausting to chase outside ourselves for acceptance, contentment, and self-worth.

Relying on energy sources outside ourselves to stay motivated or take action isn’t sustainable. We might not know what our authentic energy feels like, or don’t know our capacities, so we can’t say no or set boundaries. Or, we override them in order to make everyone around us happy or to attain a version of success that isn’t even our own. This can lead to burnout, shame, and resentment.

It also creates a disconnection between our intuition and creative spark.
It stops us from having authentic, intimate relationships.
With ourselves and one another.
With the world.

This is codependency at its finest.

Being overly attuned to everyone else at the expense of the Self is a trauma response.
I really can't believe that the Universe, the ultimate creator, would want that for me. Or you.
Or our creative, magical, and self-actualization pursuits!

My creations are in service to the collective, and also, above all…they are in service to me, first.

They have to delight, inspire, and heal ME, first. They have to help me become the most ME version of myself. If they can do that, I know they can do that for my greater community.

Source wants me to Source Myself.

We can utilize magic, art, and our spirit to create the best possible version of the life we want by being the most authentic, most resourced version of ourselves that deep down, we know ourselves to be.

There’s one teeeny thing…
Your fears, doubts, self-esteem, and your inner critic will fight you every step of the way.
(I know, what an annoying plot twist.)

How do we stop outsourcing our joy and worthiness, and start
sourcing ourselves?

It's much more straightforward than you realize.
And there are SO many ways to do it.
Below are a few ways to start!


How To Source Yourself


1. Source From Your Own Sun. Imagine a beautiful place in nature that you love. Connect to the sun there. Explode that sun out, until it flows out, and surrounds you. On your inhale, bring in the golden light and any other positive energies, into your heart. On your exhale, breathe all that energy out so that it becomes a river of light infusing your cells.

2. Create More Than You Consume. This one is important. When we want to ignite that inner flame, we want to make sure that we are creating more than we consume. Spend more time in creation mode, and in practices that support creation mode, than you do scrolling or glued to reality TV. There are way more exciting realities within your precious soul. 

3. Elemental Channelling. Before beginning your creative practice, do a brief mediation. Think of an image, element, or meaningful symbol that you want to be a channel for. A lavender cloud, floating slowly over a clear turquoise lake. The gnarled roots of a tree, older than your grandmother's grandmother. An emerald green forest, hidden in the center of the earth, surrounded by gleaming-winged crows. 

Express your interpretation through words, color, sound, movement, or texture. 

4. Art Circle Casting. Before beginning your creative practice, set an intention. Be honest or aspirational. Call in your angels or other support. Let what you create ripple out into the universe. 

5. Sensation Container. Your art practice is a sensation container for you to jump into. Decide what somatic experiences you would like it to deliver. Abundance? Peace? Fierce rebellion? Jump into it and receive whatever you need! 

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