Season Syncing: How To Make Seasonal Resolutions

Season Syncing: How To Make Seasonal Resolutions

Seasonal Syncs, aka seasonal resolutions, are a framework and practice I created about 10 years ago.
I wrote about it in my book, and try to put it into practice as much as I can. 
When we sync up with the season, we are attuned to nature and that invites more ease, and yes, even more synchronicities.

As I shared in Many Moons and the Chariot Workshop, divination is aligning with a greater force in order to become a channel and amplify our intentions.
Trying on Seasonal Syncs helps us experiment and play in the short-term, to see if a practice, routine, or project is one we’d like to continue. 

The equinox and the solstice are fertile times to reset, realign, and create Seasonal Syncs.
3 months is both a short and long time. 
It takes about 90 days to rewire our neuropathways and form a new habit
or mindset. 
Studies have shown that 90 days of abstinence from a substance (or a bad habit) is how long it takes for a full detox. 
Humans overestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a year. 
90 days are long enough to experience supportive change and see the fruits of
your labor. 

Seasonal Syncs How To Make Seasonal Resolutions by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Equinox Magic

 How To Make Seasonal Resolutions

First, I start out with how I want to feel. 
What’re the vibes of your Seasonal Syncs? 
Pick 3 to 10 keywords that you can use as a North Star. 

You might want to make a mood board, or some drawings, to really cement the sensations.

Then, write down: 

Activities you want to try out, places you want to visit, friends/family you’d like
to prioritize 

Any personal projects or goals that need to be prioritized 

Habits, practices, and routines you know would make your life easier 

Absolute “musts” and their due dates 

Anything you want a break from (alcohol, social media, etc.) 

Any habits or patterns you feel ready to stop, and how you will stop or change them

I typically write down plans, dates, and so on in my copy of my Many Moons Lunar Planner, but you can use any system that works for you. 

You can create a ritual, or a spell, or figure out how to bring your Seasonal Syncs
to life. 
Even having a friend date where you share some of your resolutions over a walk, or tea could help jumpstart them. 


The studio would love to hear how Seasonal Syncs work for you! Write into the studio at to tell us how this magic making has helped you with goal setting, mindset work, and the like!