April 2022 New Moon

April 2022 New Moon

Saturday, April 30th
New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus at 1:29 pm PST

Own Your Worth
by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

You are not your mind
You are not your intellect
You are not your ego
You are not your body*

Your body is your home
Take care of it
Your mind is both a labyrinth and a refuge
Practice compassion and discipline with it
Your intellect offers up the gift of the seeker
When your ego is handled lightly, it becomes a great teacher
Own your worth
Reside in the realm of embodiment
Partner with the breath of Spirit
Recognize the connections between all
May your service of the Self ultimately serve all the world


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus 

The effects of climate change will continue to be one of the largest influences on all life on Earth. It is something we must plan for, now. This includes recalibrating how we interact with our bodies, our work, and capitalism at large: the extractive and abusive accumulation has led to fires in the oceans, floods, and extinction. I have meditated on what the deepest motives of capitalism* are for years: greed, fear, shame, lack of accountability, sociopathy, embedded hierarchies both unconscious and conscious, habit, power in the hands of the unimaginative, and fear of death all step forth as culprits. And, also: Separation. Denial. Individualism. Detachment from all that breathes and all that roots down. Ignorance of the seasons inside and out. Disconnect from our bodies, needs, emotions, ancestral traditions, and the Earth itself.

In order to make change, different paradigms must be created in the micro and macro. Many of the people who can make revolutionary change—the sensitives, sweethearts, activists, and witches—must own their worth. This is not about worth in terms of checking accounts or real estate. It is inherent worth: that which can never be bought and sold, only cherished and shared.

Your inherent worth is not based on your age, race, size, gender, class, bank statement, or abilities. Inherent worth is reliant only on one’s existence. You do not need to earn your inherent worth. Your worth stays the same when you rise and when you rest. (Neither of which you have to earn, either!) When we own our inherent worth, we reconnect with our bodies and tend to our needs with more devotion. We ask for more, different, better. Our standards grow. Our awareness of the worth of all we are part of does, too.

Never before has technology and the education it holds offered so many innovative ways to share their gifts, make money off of their talents, and connect. Never before have so many been able to define what they would like their work in the world to look like. We have more freedom than ever to choose what we serve, spiritually as well as through how we spend our energy, attention, and time. You no longer have to be beholden to what anyone thinks about your worth—it is not based on job title or productivity.

Everyone is worthy of ease, grace, sleep, boundaries, community, and love. You are worthy of abundance of all kinds.

Never before have more people on the planet at the same time, connected by technology, understood that the system is rigged, is abusive, and does not serve the collective. You don’t have to hold onto any lies or shame that someone else gave you anymore. Take a deep breath, and let that all release. Name who and what you wish to serve and who or what you wish to be woven together with.

Now that Pluto is retrograde in tropical Capricorn at the same time as a Solar Eclipse (while Uranus is in tropical Taurus)**, we can unearth all the light that shadows bring.

Light isn’t only about transcendence. It is about seeing and what is seen: how we see, and why. There are filters on our vision. Shadows can be distorted mirrors of what is actually present. Light isn’t only about proof of reality, it is about the choice of truths that construct our identities. Truth is felt and given to us through the body as much as it is through eyes and ears. Visions from far away futures matter as much as what can be irrefutably captured, logged, and analyzed. Even scientific studies are subjective, influenced by the filters and shadows of the humans involved. Tell a different story about the shadow that obstructs an invisible moon this weekend. Connect to the light inside your shadow.

All that is bright casts a shadow. Sometimes, the magic within us becomes our own shadow because it was too much for others—it was dangerous to glow so intensely. This is an Eclipse to connect to all the natural brilliance of your magic and inherent worth. From now on, you are the only one allowed to define yourself.

This is the time to rewrite stories about your value and to connect to abundance in physical, somatic ways. You’ve understood abundance clearly, like a vision in a crystal ball, but kept her far away, a swift deer that dances on clover along the forest’s edge. Take time to drink abundance in like regeneration juice and let it settle in every single cell viscerally. Clarify how you will show up completely in your body, your work, your worth, and how that will help you show up for the Earth.

Eclipses are pattern breakers, thank the Goddess. They show us what doesn’t work anymore. Old wounds break up past the surface, splayed out in ways where we have no choice but to face, tend, and repair. Eclipse season amplifies the areas that need more awareness. Eclipses help us clear, cleanse, and quantum leap. All risks in the key of growth and healing are now supported.

—Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar PlannerRead the rest of Sarah's exclusive New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus essay and access her Tarot prompts and ritual guide by downloading the April guide or grabbing a copy of Many Moons