August 2022 Full Moon

August 2022 Full Moon

Thursday, August 11th 2022
Full Moon
in Aquarius 19°21’
6:36 pm PST

Timeline Jumping into the Perfect Future Energy

The concept of time is not linear. Time is not fixed nor rigid: it expands and contracts based on our perceptions and experiences of it. Much of your present moment is created by the emotions and beliefs you’ve had about your past. The present is built on an accumulation of your beliefs, thoughts, and behavior. This is informed by your thoughts about who you think you are and what you think is possible, which is also based on your interpretation of the past: patterns stay locked, situations repeat.

Maybe this will be the Full Moon to change some loops.

This Full Moon is at 19 degrees of tropical Aquarius. Aquarius is an archetype about going beyond, looking ahead, and creating new futures—an opportune to timeline jump.

When we jump timelines, we are creating a reality that is independent of the past. We’ve gone beyond linear time, outside of causal theory. We are creating a future based on our visions and souls, not in response or reaction to current or past circumstances.

In order to think about timeline jumping, first let’s affirm the belief that in every moment we have the opportunity to affect time. There are infinite paths our life could take, akin to the roots of a tree. One could stay the course, or attempt to slide onto another pathway. Perhaps you can remember heightened moments when your timeline sharply pivoted: a breakup, a big move, or an enthusiastic risk. There’s a belief in Jewish mysticism that his- tory unfolds along a time-spiral: there is a circular motion that revolves around a center that is in vertical movement. So we are always heading forward, even if sometimes life seems to wobble backward. Other folks play with the idea of multiverses: that at all times there are numerous universes unfolding simultaneously. At certain moments we can decide to hop into another universe: a parallel version of existence.

Time flows both ways. We are not only in a flow towards the future, the future is also in a flow towards us. Ideal futures spring forth when we consciously lean towards the qualities of future time that exist out of many possibilities.

Timeline jumping is neither spiritual bypassing nor escapism. One decides to jump into a different paradigm because they have made peace with the past.

Aquarius knows all about this. They are ruled by Saturn after all—the planet traditionally associated with “reality”. Aquarius asks “what is reality?” or affirms “who’s reality? My reality!” Much is flattened or misunderstood of the Aquarian archetype as they are stereo- typed as earth aliens, “weird,” or checked out on their own planet. It is more accurate to say that Aquarians have done what others often struggle to do: they envision, imagine, and create a reality that reflects their desires, imaginations, and vibratory match. Then they hang out there, no matter what: whether you like it or not. Aquarius is a creator and inhibitor of worlds within worlds.

You are a body in a soul that is incredibly expansive. Tune in. What is you, and what is unconscious programming? So many of us live in others’ imaginations. We are plagued by others’ judgments of who we should be, how we should act, and what we should want. The more we become attuned to who we truly are—outside of societal influence, not simply an avatar, or existing in a reaction to another’s needs—the more authentic our connections become. Timeline jumping can help us facilitate change when our true needs are identified. Artists are naturally timeline jumpers: they create form out of their imagination. Witches are as well: we shape the subtle into the material. Anyone who began as a particular expectation in the minds of others, yet went on their own path, found themselves within and created culture and community—queers, trans folks, survivors, drag queens, activists, anyone traditionally marginalized and thus compartmentalized against their will—are natural timeline jumpers. We created other realities. We escaped the confines of a calcified past’s cage.

There are different ways to timeline jump. This is a process that can take weeks or months. First, you need to identify where you’d like to go, and what the essence of that timeline is. (For example: love and kindness, or ease, support, and service. This can be specific or vague.) Then you need to easily summon that energy, or the energies that relate, and spend as much time as you can in said energies. Let yourself dream, journal, and talk about the future headed your way; this creates a blueprint. Then there is the clearing work of the past: begin rearranging the particular ideas and pockets in the subconscious that keep you stuck. Identify a memory that formed the basis of a harmful thought about yourself, particularly one that is blocking you jump. (Therapy and limiting belief work help with this.) Then you travel back in time to that memory by meditating and/or inducing a trance and change that memory: maybe you retain your dignity, or choose to send yourself love, or give yourself more agency or credit. Introduce a different outcome by feeling differently—softer, or with more compassion—about the situation. Repeat until the memory has shifted into a non-activating thought. This will most likely take weeks.

While you are doing that, clear up the present moment. As much as possible, have gratitude for all you have, stay in the energy of your intention, and clear. Tie up loose ends, declutter, make amends, and react to old activations differently. Some people like to pick a date and create a ritual or spell that activates or propels you forward. Take many symbolic actions that reflect your new state over the course of a short period that resonates and reflects the timeline. (I call symbolic actions those actions that reflect your new state.)

While all of this is happening, connect to clear consciousness, flexibility, and non-attachment to outcomes. When we do work like this, there will always be surprises. Circumstances, especially external ones, can tend to appear “worse” for a while until they get better. It’s like the furry, fluffy dog of the Universe shaking off the accumulated water after a thorough bath. It smells and is slippery for a hot second, but nevertheless, you must stay the course energetically. Pay the unexpected bill with calm and gratitude. Deal with the family fight with boundaries and grace. Hold the vision and the energy. Count every blessing and shift as it comes. Choose what patterns you recognize and what perspective you operate from.

Folks who have a history of trauma, PTSD, or CPTSD often have the tendency to believe that if all is good, then that means loss of some kind will be on the way. Sometimes, we manufacture loss or lean into self-sabotage as a way of making that fear come true. We are often in wait instead of feeling like we can take up space, or act. Some of us experience hypervigilance: our somas attuned towards the threat. Nervous system regulation, therapy, somatic practices, and other modalities are important as we embrace a more peaceful future. Maybe your timeline leap is one in which you can begin to heal or manage your nervous system and trauma responses.

Maybe your quantum leap will feel more like a soul retrieval.


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